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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Aug 20, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    C-Code-3rd qrtr 2013 could reduce sales, 4th quarter 2013 and beyond will improve sales

    some users may postpone buying/using until c code usable (Oct 1, 4th quarter). not good medically but not all decisions are medical

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    • Do Hospital pharmacies make orders in advance irregardless of C-Code kick in date? As we learned last CC, revenue can miss and the stock doesn't implode. Today's NAVB share price doesn't behave like the NAVB of 2012. The fact that LS is a superior agent having strong expanded label potential and being on the cusp of reaching overseas hospitals, when compared to the (former) standard of care in terms of administering, safety and efficacy, doesn't leave me worries about my money. We're only talking about $300 per unit which for an adult undergoing cancer diagnosis and treatment, is affordable when purchasing a superior agent.

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    • I think in the CC they said they would be giving out LS as requested until Oct 1st. Nobody will go without.

    • Having spent years in pharma I would say that your point is excellent and somewhat unfortunate in a way. Tumors can grow rapidly so one wishes that the affected party take a proactive approach. BUT to your ending comment not all decisions are medical indeed. And that again is unfortunate.

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    • This will give the shorts more fuel to run the price down again when the September quarter comes out with a minor sales quarter. The shorts will try anything to cover another 4-5 million shares. Look what they did with this quarter and everyone knew sales for 3 weeks would be pitiful. They took the stock down to $mid $2.70's just before the C-code news cam out. If that is not manipulation, then there is no such thing.

    • moneyonomics: inmho Cardinal will incentivize usage NOW with sales inducements(quantity discounts, net 60 instead of net 30-45, pitches such that better to be up/running going into 10/1/2013 than afterwards-reimbursement turnaround, etc.... then again maybe not, though it`s what i have seen/participated in with new product startups. time will tell.

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