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  • dildobuyer dildobuyer Oct 17, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    wow heading lower

    talk about a shellacking, this stock is finished. I predict 1.50 not bashing just reporting the inevitable. If they have to do a reverse split to avoid de-listing then forget it, add onto this tax loss selling. Could go to a dollar.

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    • I think this company is mismanaged. They have an approved drug on lypmhoseek but doesn't know how to
      market it. I wonder what their revenue will be this quarter. This has been dead money investment, a very
      frustrating investment. Its been downhill since the FDA approved lymphoseek.

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      • I agree it's frustrating but unfortunately, this one is not likely to be a short term goldmine. We may (and I mean may just from looking at the charts) get a reversal sometime shortly and if we do, and you were able to buy around the low you might see a 6 week short term profit, but it won't be a double or triple or anything close. $0.20, $0.30 maybe. Might be nice if it went back to the $2.90's even but even there I think they will need substantial positive news of sales to drive that.

        But to be realistic, they just started rolling this out in May, less than 5 months ago, and hospitals, physicians etc. etc. need to be educated, feel comfortable, deal with current inventories of existing product, internal bureaucracy at each location/company etc. etc. It was unlikely to be a massive success/changeover in the first 6-9 months. Things just don't happen that quick in any business. So this will likely be a growing thing over 2014 and 2015 and any major stock appreciation will be based on how strongly that progresses 4th quarter and beyond, plus any speculative bumps they get from new product successes and PRs, and future projections versus expectations.

        I think this is a long haul, and there's going to be 6 week spikes up, and 6 week stomach-churning, short-driven dumps just like it's been, but hopefully with a general uptrend over the long term.

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