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  • yeahbabyxyz yeahbabyxyz Jan 1, 2014 8:50 AM Flag

    Question to Shorts and those who say Lymphoseek sucks and is of no value...

    Would you really not recommend Lymphoseek as a viable option if the medical need presented itself and someone asked if you had ever heard of it? If someone said they had the unfortunate need for Lymphatic mapping and they had an option to use Lymphoseek, would you really tell them to avoid it because it sucks and has no value/use as has been stated repeatedly out here...not to mention of the evilness of the management team? Or one step further if there were a need, would you really stay silent and not mention that you knew of a viable option potentially to be used if someone else never heard of Lymphoseek?
    Hopefully the need never arises for any of us, but life dictates otherwise sometimes.

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    • Ok goes like this
      Pt: doc what proof do you have this will work? , this is new and untested, i rather wait for more data . We have one shot at this and i am not a guinea pig.
      Doc: of course, what we do today is good, i don t foresee you will need an axillary dissection, your tumor is small, the nodes are not palpable, the nomogram of memorial sloan kettering cancer center calculates your risk as low. No lympho seek necessary

      Repeat this for the majority of pts that have today small tumors due to screening

      Pumpers pumpers pumpers

      Next patient nurse

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      • Really? Is that how it works with cancer patients? Is that how it works with the FDA approval process? I did not know untested products make it to market, as I thought there were three phases of controlled clinical studies that took place as part of the product approval process. Thanks for the are right, it is time to sell my position and take a short position. You should work on wall street, in the biotech industry, or for FDA.

    • Avswer: absolutely, we have no proof it helps you live longer

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