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  • chrxind chrxind Dec 13, 2012 6:29 PM Flag

    2012-2013 Winter Temps.

    Just looked at the NOAA Dec 2012 – Feb 2013 temperature forecast: Just about everything east of the Mississippi is rated EC, meaning equal chances for above normal, normal, and below normal. In other words, they don’t have a dam clue!

    Not liking what I see currently, IMO above normal temps. Had normal temps., first part of the week during deer season, then went to #$%$, that is, too warm. Same as last years season.

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    • I ordered my second tank of propane this week. I am running about average for the year. The long range forecast for Jan 2013 is a little above average temps. We have a lot of snow in Northern Pa but the temps have not been sub freezing. I am still betting on an average winter.

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      A weather pattern called the McFarland signature is now being discussed among some meteorologists. Has anyone ever heard of this?

      Its impact would be toward the end of January. The short story is that such a pattern would drive an Arctic express into the U.S. with extreme cold and freeze-offs—a dream come true for gas producers. Its development is still very “iffy” at this point but certainly worth following"

      "a mcfarland signature is when the polar jet stream soars way up north inside the artic circle and plunges south dragging polar air very far south."

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      • Thanks money, have a relative near Grand Junction CO living in the low-line area and they have experience a lot of snow and cold which isn’t typical for their location. Have to wait and see what happens, but sooner or later, I suspect an extended near or below zero drop is likely. In the PGH area early this week, nite low went to 7 above. If a type temp pushes from the mid west, southward and extends to the east coast, you can be sure the TEPCO and others will be opening up the large diameter loops to meet demand.

        When I was a kid, single digit to a few degrees below for several weeks in Jan and Feb was common. Remember hunting at times and by 1 PM in the early afternoon, my Gatorade located in my coat pocket turned to solid heavy slush. You really appreciated it when spring arrived.

    • Snow and colder temps. on the way! Out for coyotes the rest of the day.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My take on NOAA's forecasts is: When it comes to the future, there are no experts. Here in SW Washington, our local ski resort, Mt. Hood Meadows, has over 7 feet of snow and 21 degrees. More snow to come for the coming week. Oh,and regarding the Mayan Calendar forecast for the end of the world today,It's officially tomorrow in Thailand. I guess we're gonna be OK.....Bob

    • I running about normal on my propane usage this year in Northern PA. Not a whole lot of storms but it has been seasonably cool especially at night. Since I don't have a clue what will happen in the next two months I feel qualified to give a forecast. Normal temps a little above average snow. Basis law of averages. Last year warm and little snow two years ago a long winter with a lot of snow and it was cold.

    • chrx, rainy here in Las Vegas today with snow above 4500 ft in mountains. Several more storms over next week or so all heading easterly. Temperature about average for this time of year. Average being the key

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