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  • mavrykk1 mavrykk1 Sep 11, 2001 9:55 AM Flag

    People Reap what they Sow

    SO anyone on these Boards who wanted weak, soft and stupid George W. Bush as our PRESIDENT... well guys, who can remember a more serious crisis in this Country since Pearl Harbor???????!!!

    And WHO would you now rather have NOW.. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, AL Gore, Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt.... or Georgie W. "hey man what's happening" Bush

    .... who gives a conference a minute ago... and says: "We are going to get those


    folks! What about stronger language BUSH.. like criminals.. terrorists.. animals.. enemies

    what a loser.. and he is your Pres. for 3+ more years. Good luck to all you ignoramous who voted for him!

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    • C'MON, you're kidding, right? You only have 10 fingers and 10 toes. I mean, like, what are you going to do when you get to a number like 21?

      Just a joke!

    • And another thing asshole... Bush made this statement while he was addressing a group of elemetary students... I guess you wanted him to use profanity or anti-arab sentiment. Any American right now will support our President at this time of crisis, no matter what party he is from.

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      • True.. he should be supported and maybe he will rise to the occasion. But you should have enough honesty... to accept that he is not Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan! Maybe his speech writers will give him what to say.. to make him "sound" like a leader.

        But you don't sound like a very open-minded person... in fact, you sound like a narrow-minded fool

      • You are a real simpleton! If it is true that Bush as you say used "FOLKS" because he was addressing a group of school children then, hey, you think school children never heard the word 'EVIL'? He could have said, "EVIL FOLKS" or COWARDLY FOLKS,. or a thousand and one other 'not too strong' adjectives to get his point across. No, the truth is: BUSH is a functional retard.

        As for rallying around him: Last time I heard that phrase was at 'CUSTERS' last stand!

    • Yeah, Bush using the word "folks" really bodes poorly for our impending response and handling of this travesty. You idiot.

      At least you could give Bush a chance to respond (with action) to the situation before you criticize him. Nitpicking at the way he phrased our initial response is petty and stupid.

      If Clinton was still President, I'm sure he'd still be trying to get his pants zipped up.

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      • If Clinton was still President, I'm sure he'd still be trying to get his pants zipped up.

        Good point: But that's because by now he'd be pissing on the bastards and countries responsible!

        Bill has more brains and presidential presence in one publc hair than 'DUBYA' (a clone of his George Senior) has in his whole body. Ask any American, ask every world power who would they rather see at the helm in a crisis: BIll or George what's his name.

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