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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Jul 10, 2003 1:15 AM Flag

    Bigwheel I am with you on your STRONG

    We have gone nowhere in regards to growth in the last year and you and some others have made a little money in the last 4 months and now all is rosey in la-la land?

    For your info I am long in several positions in Tech land. I stll think OVER is a great buy at this level. The problem is household names like YHOO has sucked up all the mom and pop money and the big boys are going to cash in. There is no way you can sit here and tell me that YHOO is worth 35 + a share. Where do you expect it to go from here? You want it should double again in the next 3 months on flat growth? YOUR NUTS!

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    • I think yahoo is going to at least double from here. This fall internet shopping season is going to blow out, yahoo real estate is starting to dominate, and the really big news is movement on the music and video online front with pay per view/on demand. We needed broadband to penetrate for yahoo to grow again, and now we have it. And wifi has fixed the last mile problem.

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