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Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) Message Board

  • giantstepformankind giantstepformankind Jul 16, 2006 12:32 AM Flag

    How to Protest YHOO Board Changes

    1. At the top, send a feedback message to YHOO of "complaint"
    2. Rate with 5 stars all messages protesting the changes. It takes 3 ratings to show the stars on the board.
    3. Go to the YHOO board and post a message of protest as well as any other board you frequent and post a message of protest.
    4. Find another board operator you like and boycott the YHOO boards until they change back.
    5. Contact GOOG and get them to match the old boards for a quick boost in traffic on their GOOG Finance site. That should get YHOO's attention.

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    • YHOO is at it again. They change the layout of Yahoo Finance and screw up all the features that made us regular users. Now, stock portfolios don't show on stock summary pages anymore. They also never restored the color change for previously read messages on message boards so you have to keep track of them yourself. While I still liked the old days, I am willing to move on if they would just not reduce features.

      Wouldn't you think YHOO has enough things to worry about to be messing with their most successful products?

    • Everybody Happy???!!!!

    • Good ideas!!!!

    • Board still not like the old days.

      I still can not easily track messages previously read vs. unread over multiple visits in the same session.

      Also, I find it difficult if not impossible to connect messages to the ones they are replying to. The reality is that multiple thread are frequently spun within a single starting thread. The outline format YHOO used to use allowed you to visually see what was being replied to. Also, by numbering the messages, you could see the reference.

      Without numbered messages, you can not tell where you are in the list or how many more messages you have to scroll through.

      YHOO needs to start numbering messages again for referencing and indexing positions.

      I also note reductions in replies and ratings previously recorded for threads. How can this be?

    • My usage has dropped by way more than 95% and so has that of many others. I popped in today to see if anything else was fixed and sent this feedback:

      No changes for some time now. Do you guys listen at all? When viewing an individual msg.the following info is important!:
      Msg # of XXXX - a reply to msg # xxx (link)
      Also, clicking on view all messages should return you to the place in the list of the message you are viewing, NOT the end of the list!
      I only peek at the boards a couple of times a day now to see if the're fixed . Many posters besides me are absent. We've asked you to return these functions incessantly for weeks on end. What on earth could be stopping you? Either incorporate this lost functionality quick, or give us the option to use the old format. I think you're afraid to do that because so many would jump ship.
      What happened to "The customer is always right"?

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      • I noticed a new survey showing GOOG market share climbing after the summer. Can't help but wonder if message boards didn't play a role.

        I know I am here a lot less since ease of use changed. I still don't know why Yahoo doesn't retain the color change for "messages read" as long as it is the same "sign on" session. I use to be able to leave the session open and return after several days and pick up where I left off. Not anymore. Now, have to sign back in if inactive after awhile and all "read" messages seem to be no longer indicated.

    • it won't make any difference. i've grumbled to them every day for the past 4 days. they're not changing a thing is what their reply was. screw 'em.i'll read my news elsewhere, and set up my portfolio elsewhere, too, for tracking purposes. somebody's smokin' some really bad stuff at yahoo. but maybe their friendly towelheads prefer the new format - they carry more weight than we do.

    • OK, YHOO. Here is another helpful feature missing from the boards: When I read a message under "Topics", it should already be highlighted as "read" in any other format, such as "Message List" so I don't read it again. This inability to discern "read" messages from "unread" messages results in much wasted time trying to wade through for new messages.

    • One nice change - but not re: the message boards - YHOO is now streaming stock prices like Marketwatch does.

      Now about those message boards ......

    • YHOO has added "intermessage" navigation. Per their 8/21/06 product update, you can navigate between sequential messages by clicking on the left or right pointing arrows abutting the posting time/date in the right hand corner of a message.

      Now if only YHOO could fix its graphics so that you don't have to read a manual to find such navigation tools. These arrows are microscopic and will not likely be noticed without luck or an assist from an experienced user.

    • very good!! new board sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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