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  • mpalmgren mpalmgren Oct 17, 2006 11:05 PM Flag

    Panama -- don't pin your hopes

    So the stock caught a bid in AH when the company mentioned Panama has begun to ship.

    I shorted during the move up because:

    1. Panama is unproven -- I do not have any confidence Yahoo can stem the market share erosion caused by a superior GOOG

    2. At best the impact won't be for another year

    3. An analyst asked a question during the CC about test of Panama and whether or not it showed promising results --- the response was that they could not tell, its too early

    The pop was unwarranted.

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    • comScore Media Metrix, Sep 2006:

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      Also, Yahoo is the most visited destination on the Internet. Again according to comScore, Yahoo attracts 129 million unique visitors per month in the US alone; this represents 74% of the online population. The next closest competitor? MySpace, 30%. In addition, Yahoo! has the largest share of online time spent, accouting for 13% of total online time, compared to that of MySpace - again #2 - with 3.2%.

      Google is the world's best hardware store. Yahoo is WalMart. After all, why be lucky when you can be the best?

    • Yahoo has been making all the right moves, but they are making them 1-2 years too late. I used to be a YHOO bull but they don't stand a chance against further advances by Google.

    • Yeah...ok tell that to the fund mgrs tomorrow...ok?

    • I still rate the stock a solid buy, now if you want to wait to see if it bottoms around $21, that's understandable, but buy then. Please do not say that yahoo is a strong sell, that's just ridiculous. I promise you this stock will be at or above $45 over the next 18 months.

      By the way, do you think GM as a company is in worse shape or not as compared to Yahoo?? Well just a few short months ago the stock was around $18, not already almost a double. So please fools, be patient and you will be rewarded just like those risk takers that bought GM when every broker was hyping the opposite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lmao, you were all happy when the stock was low 23 AH, you were acting like you had no bags here and calling longs stupid, now your saying you shorted in the AH when the news of the new ad program came out? lol, just give me all your money already make it easier on yourself.

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      • In case you are not aware, YHOO is losing share to a superior GOOG. The stock has been crushed.
        So please don't tell us the longs are "smart".

      • Hey.... Russ. I get a share of the dumb money too.

        People who try to run up or tank a stock on the message boards are idiots. If you've ever made a trade based on what some idiot on a message board said, you're a bigger idiot. But idiots make the market more fun. Someone has to lose, and I'm glad that there's always a ready supply of willing losers. They may get lucky once in a while, but in the end they still keep kicking in the blind ante for the investor class. The best thing that EVER happened to the market is that average idiots could transfer money from their bank account to an online broker and jump in on a whim. Sure.... it made it more volatile, but if you just keep your wits about you, the long term picture is the same. Just more broker fees for the online houses and bigger hauls for the professional day traders.

        Good luck all you shorts!

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