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  • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Oct 20, 2006 3:48 AM Flag

    How Yahoo shot itself in both feet

    >>Thanks for bringing up my old post. <<

    You're most welcome. You've written MANY posts worth recycling.

    >>Did you notice that in the 60 days since then, the number of "YAHOO SUCKS" messages on their stock boards has increased by over 3,000??<<

    I hadn't, but Yahoo's earnings results have certainly driven that message home.

    >>Are they doing a great job, pleasing their best users, or what?!!!<<

    If that's what they call keeping their geese on wire. :-)

    I hope you've read Sue Decker's inadvertent admission in Yahoo's CC transcript:

    <In the first-half of this year, our graphical advertising business substantially outperformed this evolving marketplace.>


    Beta Board Day was the 15th of the first month of the second half of this year.

    Now we message board shackled need our own Bastille Day (interestingly, celebrated 14 July).

    Disclosure: I'm also pantone101naturalblondie. I just thought a different voice should chime in tonight.

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