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  • donkey_oh_t donkey_oh_t Feb 22, 2007 12:51 AM Flag

    Wired Article Spot ON!

    Wired recently wrote about how Yahoo has bungled every new project that its attempted to bring to market. Panama being the biggest fiasco yet.

    Yahoo, once a leader, has now been reduced to following in the shadow of Google - unfortunately they've been unable to get that right either. Panama, which is a clone of Google's PPC advertiser platform, has many problems - the least of which being that it's two generations behind Google.

    Heads need to roll at Yahoo and creative minds are needed! The bad news continues to flow about Yahoo's new platform.

    D O T

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    • Hey, loser, I know you lost money on yhoo whilst others prospered from it; I myself made $25,500 in 3 months. You and your chatty friends are losing money everyday, you know that?
      I wonder, why do your superficial posts get so many positive ratings? I doubt anyone gives a damned thing about what any of you say. LUSERrrrrrrrrr!

      • 1 Reply to be_smart777
      • D O T,

        i find it interesting that no one else posts about specific problems with panama as you have. because you did mention some specifics in a prior post you almost come accross as appearing to be true ad buyer.

        i know you refused to mention who your yahoo acct. mgr. is, and whether or not you are a Diamond or Platinum level buyer or not.

        if you really are a buyer then please prove it now by answering a few benign questions:

        1. what are the initials of your rep?

        2. what is the street address and city where your rep is located - it should be on their email signature.

        3. what is the email domain name used for yahoo employees
        hint - its not

        answer those three questions and you will gain some credibility on this board. if you think you don't have to prove anything here, then your future posts will appear as a paid basher or scared short.

    • At the outset, I should state that I have no longer any position, short or long in Yahoo...I am the advertising mgr of an internet based sales organization and have the following observations to make about the old and new Adwords. As you know the company has much riding on its "pay per click" program....The new format is excellent up to a point. It is better all around than the old. We work much better with it than the previous. However, as the title poster on this topic pointed out the company bungled a lot and that does apply to its new program. Without boring you with too many details, the transition and follow up service was so terrible that we are now spending about 15% with Yahoo of what we did a year ago. We do not think we will be "up to speed" for six months to a year and we have a very unfavorable view (this as a premium customer of Yahoo) of yahoo's delivery of service....As to the programming: there are serious flaws in its automatic ad reviews I will not bore you with: they are inconsistent and service is essentially unavailable. Many ads that ran previously now require significant trickery to get included....My personal belief is that they had very good technical programming of the mechanics but the policy folks making the general specifications do need replacing as the prior poster suggests.

    • Getting rid of the stock message boards that was able to generate from a "few vocal" reponders 100,000 comments in a few hours sure does not make sense.

      uFreedom is slavery, and war is peace. Pure insanity regarding the "few vocal" users.

      I don't trust Yahoo for their reasons to close down the news message boards. Do you think I am going to trust them with my money? Forget about it!

      I hope those "few vocal" that post 100,000 comments in a few hours join me and show our disgust by not clicking any ads until the news message boards are reinstated.

      I have no time for any corporation that has little regard for freedom of expression or freedom of speech. If you don't believe people you dispise have the right to voice an opinion, you don't believe in freedom of speech at all.

      This company through its' actions is no friend to the Constitution.

      The boycott is on! No clicks for these rich tics.

    • I use the sponsered ads on Yahoo and the way the older version worked seemed fine as far as the listings prices. My budget is $350.00 a month. I used the newest version that i was excited about and just had problems with the prices. I made an error and didn't catch it in time and Yahoo charged me $2700.00 in five days. Really pisses me off. Now my budget for Yahoo sponsered ads in messed up. I realize that the local searches are better and that over all it is much better however I'm not a techie but when the report states estimated cost of $400.00 a month and i agree and then for whatever reason 27,000+ people type in my search words those few days and I get crushed. I received one order of $729.00 which is good but the cost to get it wasn't.

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