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  • guilrl guilrl Feb 26, 2007 8:34 PM Flag


    Little by little, one drop, one cent, but surely down until Yahoo becomes worthless, like the Repugnant Republican party that Yahoo has decided to protect by disabling the discussion boards.

    Looks like Cheney is getting desperate. First they spot this fat rat in a Taco Bell in NYC, and now the rat is begging Pakistan to do something about the Taliban and Alqueda becuse he and his cohort boss, aka Dumbya are too stupid and torpid to do anything about the real terrorists.

    Hope Cheney sees impeachment and well deserved humiliation soon from Pelosi ---- why is he secretly meeting with Pakistan anyway. There must be something wrong with the oil in Iraq, and Cheney will soon be cut in on the Haliburton Christmas bonus, huh?

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    • No news message boards, means the U.S. is not Land of the free and home of the brave.

      Afraid of a "few vocal users..."

      This company deserves the round file.

    • Which is it? Is Yahoo radical Left or radical Right? Since we're seeing complaints about both, Yahoo must be doing something, uh, right.

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      • Its a great day, if you are a duck. (raining in my sunny villa)
        one of my cousin is getting married in april and i'm going to attend her wedding ceremony....but you know what?.... she live in a small island and from here, tale a plane to tokyo (no direct plane from here to Osaka anymore!) and then change a plane to osaka or take a shinkansen (high speed train) and then go take a ship from kobe to shikoku-island (or take a hugh-long-bridge by car)and go to one harbor and take another ship to her small island .... boy o boy .....

        sorry, i hate today's market! period!
        if i have more money, i will buy more!

        go yhoo!!!

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