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  • weres_the_good_news weres_the_good_news Apr 17, 2007 11:33 PM Flag


    why did they wreck something that worked????

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    • pantone101naturalblondie pantone101naturalblondie Apr 18, 2007 1:43 PM Flag

      >>why did they wreck something that worked????<<

      Yahoo's wrecking of its message boards was not a sign that Yahoo was in trouble but the very reason for the trouble Yahoo is in now.

      Not only did angry, frustrated message board users exit these boards in droves, but most of us who remained refused to click on Yahoo's ads. And we contacted many of Yahoo's advertisers to let them know why we had stopped clicking on their ads.

      Our actions, in turn, so greatly reduced Yahoo's ad revenues that the numbers shocked analysts who then feared Google would report similarly.

      Eventually, analysts learned that Yahoo was the ONLY company whose ad revenues had plunged.

      The new boards were forced on us in mid July last year. EVER SINCE THEN, Yahoo has been sinking.

      To this day, I still refuse to click on any and all ads on the Yahoo pages, whether on these boards or on Yahoo's finance pages or wherever.

      When the Coca Cola company tried to force its 'new and improved' Coke on people, Coca Cola was savvy enough to admit their error and bring back the people's favorite Coke.

      Yahoo has been too stubborn . . . which means too stupid.

    • I came here to post the same thing. Did they think traffic would increase when they took them down? I come on about half the time I used to...and I was pretty much exclusively here before.

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      • Wow, when a hot story broke wind you could find a hundred thousand posts in an hour!

        The message boards were great at exposing the main stream media spin/lies. They also were great at exposing the reporters as crap hacks with a pen as well.

        The news message boards were cutting edge for getting to the heart and truth of the story, and most important, it was done in a New York minute, quick.

        The gatekeepers at Main Stream Media could no longer filter the news to their agenda.

        The neocon Bush nick mind control engineers were losing it, and were going to be out of a job, unless they could figure out a way to silence the storm growing on the Yahoo news message boards.

        It was great to watch living history as the message board sentiments changed. The President, which recorded the highest approval rating of all time, fell to a record low.
        The message boards exposed the Main Stream Media lies, and the American public wasn�t buying the crap any more.

        The Yahoo boards were the most popular in the business. No neocon thieving scumbag was safe from being exposed on them, especially after a paid for puff piece in Main Stream Media.

        Surely, this was the reason why they were taken down.

        It is clear now Yahoo management is in bed and scratching the back and licking the arse of the neocon, baby killing, war criminal propaganda matrix.

        Letting the public talk about their crimes had to become taboo at yahoo.

        These taboo at yahoo phuckers are just beginning to hear the music.

    • Yahoo Message boards are a cesspool. Only the Scum with multi-ID's hang out here. Advertisers getting ripped off. Every 20 clicks is really just one twit. Once they figure that out Yahoo is toast.

      Later gator.


    • Quite a few of the Yahoo news board people hang out at
      When they're not cussing each other out they're playing games and watching music videos. Much better than those crappy Yahoo news boards.

    • -Piss off-

    • The busiest news messageboard is at

    • aint that the truth, they lost 1/2 their readership for good, I'm usually on the IV brd, but like to piss on the Yahooy brd once in while

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