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  • ima_very_mad_cow ima_very_mad_cow Apr 20, 2007 10:41 PM Flag

    Neil Budde Closed Message Boards and

    Yahoo has crashed. Good move Yahoo!

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    • It is just "a few vocal users." Budde was comfortable thinking he would lose 1% of the Yahoo people.

      After all, looting the treasury, killing babies, and duping America to fight an illegal neocon war is not something the zionist, alien, leech gatekeepers want the public to talk about.

      Torture is cool, and that 60 billion raised for new biological weapons research and development is just peachy.

      Fire melts steel you know. And the government told us 9-12 "The air is safe to breath and water is safe to drink."

      What are you a conspiracy nut?

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