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  • trit0nrocks trit0nrocks May 5, 2008 10:36 AM Flag

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Yahoo! for turning down that merger deal. That was an easy call late in the day Friday, when Ballmer publicly expressed some concerns about getting Yahoo's board to accept Microsoft's offer. Ballmer is horrible about hiding his intentions, or his frustrations, so seeing him all flustered like that and making that comment pretty much sealed the deal (or in this case, the unwinding of the deal). Had he not made that comment, I wouldn't have purchased the puts I did near the end of trading on Friday. I just cashed them out. This has been such a wonderful year for making fast, easy money. I'm not sure I will ever be able to top 2008.

    By the way, it was the YHQQY.X contract. Nice. Very nice.

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    • Well, at this point it's time to bid adieu. I covered out my call position for a grand total of $2 per contract (100 x 0.02) profit. Chump change - but by the end of the day things changed. This deal is done - put a fork in it. YHOO will align with GOOG and remain (somewhat) independent. I see MSFT removed its slate for the YHOO board, furthering its exit. And FTC will allow YHOO and GOOG to become buddy-buddy, if they decide to merge later on. This will become MSFT's biggest nightmare.

      I milked this cow for all it's worth. Now it's time to enjoy the summer. No more trading; time for fun. Bye...

    • Don't know - I don't follow either issue. But TWX would LOVE to unload its AOL mistake, er, investment.

    • you think thepps is going up to buy aol (TWX)? They're up today too ...

    • Good ol' Cramer made a snide remark similar to what you just wrote, at his usual volume level of 105 decibels, during his Friday 6 PM CNBC slot. Again, all anyone has to do is look at the ENORMOUS volume on CBOE late Friday to understand that many people saw what I saw. It wasn't inside information. It was STUPID CEO information. I love dumb CEO's.

    • I'm still looking. The clip didn't feature Ballmer - it was a collage of business events with him being a cameo part of it - about 15 seconds or so.

      You're hell bent on proving me wrong. Again, I posted BEFORE the events unfolded. That is fact. The posts are still there to read on this board. And no, you did NOT have every analyst expecting the deal to be made. Actually, during the past 2 or 3 months you had a regular cavalcade of analysts and pundits on Fox Financial, CNBC and others saying why the deal wasn't a good idea (merger a distraction for MSFT, doesn't address the real issue, which is GOOG's SaaS strategy, kills MSFT cash flow, etc.). Bill Gates put it to rest today - although many (and I'm in that camp) think it's a ploy.

    • Reread the post. It did not tie the VIX to YHOO in any way. Rather, it was looking at the broad market fall 2007. Oh, and I have made some HORRIBLE trades. I cut them as fast as I can. William O'Neil said it best - once you hit a 7% loss, kill the trade, no exceptions. I agree with him. It allows you to come back and trade another day. And re-read my original posts. You will find I posted LONG BEFORE YHOO moved either way (down, then up). And I admit when I'm wrong. About 2 months ago I said Ford was done, toast. That was a horrible call. Now they're coming back, but it goes to show you I tried to understand automotive and I don't know squat about that market! Stick with what you know.

      Good luck to all.

    • I've worked on Wall St a long time. I am wealthier than you! Money has nothing to do w/being a man. MSFT is a great company w/outdated cocky mgmt. (Ballmer). The YOUTH WILL PREVAIL YHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I No longer work on Wall Street. I'd rather play my guitar!

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      • Well, if you're telling the truth, hat's off to you. I'm not looking to be a multi-millionaire. Rather, I want to put myself in a position to pick and choose the work I do (I pretty much do now in electrical and computer tech) when I want to do it. My bride of 23 years is my life partner and we are having a blast. We love the free time, both of our kids are grown (both in college), and life is good. One day we will all die so until then we want to enjoy life to the fullest.

        Guitar. Great choice. I went with the piano but still suck at it - but getting better.....

    • The press releases sent out at the end of the day friday did stress that the deal was NOT imminent. I, however, didnt take enough notice of that to close out my long position at the time. I did think about it, that it would be a good time to take the money and run. Turns out, it would have been the best move. For those who had more foresight than me at the time, I salute you.

    • Oh, I see, you saw a blurb about Ballmer's concerns and that telegraphed Yang's dismissal of the $33.00 offer when every analyst on the planet along with Ballmer expected a deal over the weekend. Baaaaloney. By the way, I have searched the archives of both CNBC and MSNBC and there is no video clip on either medium.

    • Triton,

      Congratulations on your recent trading success.
      I picked up some helpful pointers in your postings, so I thank you for it.

      I was lucky to long July 25 Puts @ 1.25 late Friday, completing a profitable Strangle with July 27.5 Calls @ 2.08 which I went long a few days prior.

      I'm also in line with your assessment on the VIX last August.
      I shifted 50% of my portfolio to cash & treasury then, and in early April, I shifted them back to equity.

      It was comforting to read postings from people like you who truly think for themselves.
      I always learn from them.

      Thanks and best wishes to you.

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