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  • klschs klschs Jun 10, 2008 9:14 AM Flag

    The Real Fight is Between Ballmer & Ichan

    Will Ballmer allow Ichan to upstage him? YHOO / MSFT may be the best case scenario in a fight with GOOG but will Ballmer's ego get in the way of Ichan brokering a deal?

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    • Good point!

    • it is so funny you guys think yhoo will fall to 18 if Carl doesn't succeed. 18 is gone forever. It is in the past like the Civil War, WWII, Babe Ruth, Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe etc. POOF! 18 is gone 19 is gone 20 is gone
      POOF! 21 is gone 22 is 23 is gone 24 is gone 25 is gone 26 is gone
      POOF the past is history
      The Market knows yahoo was worth at least 40 in a better economy.
      Everybody knows this is a bad economy.
      Everybody knows in a bad economy MSFT already offred 33.
      With Carl or without Carl 18 is gone
      poof! the past is history and you shorts are living in the past where you have all been stuck praying for a month. You idiots should have shorted the airlines. PT BARNUM said "there's a short(I mean sucker) born every minute)
      long yhoo

    • Perhaps you didn't realize Google is kicking its ass in search and re-inventing the ad game while Yahoo! is partnering with newspapers. Without Microsoft I'm afraid they have little hope of being the Next big thing of the next decade? Meanwhile you tie your wagon to hope of a buyout that has already passed. See you in August.

    • Ballmer is SMART to just walk away from this piece of crap...with the way things are going, this stock will be junk in 9 months and Ballmer can pick the bones clean for a few dollars per share...

    • What has MSFT achieved under Ballmer's leadership. He knows he has to do something dramatic if he is to survive and stay as CEO. Stockholders are not exactly thrilled with Ballmer. It's either swallow your pride and consumate a deal or leave the company. It's that simple!

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