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  • wankerpod22 wankerpod22 Nov 8, 2008 12:31 PM Flag

    I PAID 26.50 PER SHARE!!



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    • laurenstephens Nov 8, 2008 1:40 PM Flag

      I bough 10800 shares at $22. I am quickly losing hope of ever recouping my initial investment. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never make a profit but was hoping to break even. Yahoo was my worst investment by far. It was the first time I bought into a company based on a possible buy-out versus proper analyses of fundamentals. My mistake was thinking that nobody would be stupid enough to turn down a 70% premium on a stock when the economy was heading into serious trouble. Little did I know that Yang and the BOD were that stupid.
      The reality is that Ballmer is an idiot as well. He changes his mind on a weekly basis. Both these morons need to step aside and let adults negotiate a deal.

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      • you guys are so funny you think with your emotions in a game that has no room for it. balmers an idiot??? are you kidding me he played yang and yhoo and is doing it again right now. you just think he is a idiot because you lost money. msft will buy yhoo they have to, they have no other choice. if you got funds you should double down has well and you wont even need a buyout to break even, just remewed talks will jump to 14 as you saw becasue of the short pressure. youll be sorry watch.

    • see your already thinking like retail investor, like the other guys said you should have tripled down in the 11's and had coin prepared to triple down again if it drops to 10's and then hold to recoup or most likely make a killing if theres is even renewed talk. theres lots of short pressure on this and on any positive it will jump to 14-15 as you saw. but you got to have some balls period or dont play.

    • Sure, add to your position by 3x, by mid year 2009 you will do very well.

    • No,there is no MSFT buyout. You are hosed.

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