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  • vodman1 vodman1 Mar 4, 2009 11:08 AM Flag

    Bartz and Ballmer will kick Google's ass


    What a team Bartz and Ballmer would make. Google, the one trick pony, will be in trouble when Yahoo and Microsoft get together.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • If you came up with something more interesting than providing late, word-for-word, postings of every news article you can find, as long as it's biased toward Yahoo, maybe you'd get a bit of attention too.

    • I had to bump this one in anticipation of coldie's return tomorrow. Sure it's well over a year old but look at the value.

      See how the bumbling team (with a big emphasis on the 'bum' part) of bravo and coldie team up to shrewdly analyze the huge problems that Google is about to encounter?

      Yep... coldie / feddie / uh... vodmanie was a foul-mouthed little beggar back in thoose days. He figured Bartz could swear like a sailor so he could too. Just another in a long line of miscalculations.

    • Nope. You've beaten me fair and square. It was fun though and we'll have to do it again sometime soon. TTFN.

    • "Could you be any more gay?"

      Absolutely. I could try to be more like you. That ought to do it. A side effect would be a significant decrease in intelligence, though.

    • See, there's an inherent problem here, Mr. Vodeman. I'll put it in terms you can relate to. There are only so many ways you can daisy-chain the top 10 naughty words together before you run out of new material. Everyone else here can use most of the entire English language. Do you see the disadvantage you are facing?

      Think of it as you and 9 friends (if you could actually find them). Now envision the daisy-chain part. Got it? After a bit... well suffice to say you begin to repeat um... yourself.

      I can recommend a solution but you might not bend that way.

    • My take even now google is really in deep, deep trouble. As you know 97% of their revenue is coming from search and I think they max out their market share, no more room to grow their market share. Added to the pain of google, YHOO is now gaining market share, msft stucked in single digit while now google is really in deep trouble.

    • Seriously now, if this were truly only a financial forum, why would there be someone like you prancing around? You'd be so much more at home sharing that flatulance you proudly post, with others of your own kind. Perhaps there is a fungi forum somewhere that you can join. Remember, you are just a curiosity and nothing more. Like mold in a petrie dish. Someone will flush you from this forum and you'll be gone for a bit, only to fester once again with another id.

    • Mr. Vodman, you finally make a posting without shouting obscenities and you use it to call Google a "one trick pony"? You ought to have a serious look at what Google offers.

      I think your profanity-laced tirades actually make more sense than this post, although I suspect that most sensible folks have you on ignore anyway so it doesn't much matter what you have to say.

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