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  • cocus999 cocus999 Mar 12, 2009 10:13 AM Flag


    If Yahoo does not break through $13.5 today it will close below $13...

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    • Here is another 2 years you will all LOVE Barry H Obama!!!!

    • Cocus I think you have to be honest that something is brewing. $13.5 is a number, you made the call and it was purged on heavy end of day volume.

      I think what is more significant is the Carl Ichan group has been quiet and Bartz shut up Jorgenson quickly as they are in deal mode. I think MSFT is compelled to act quickly after the OBAMA speach today with the Business roundtable. He is supporting the free market and global trade.

      This stock could quickly move to the $20 range and if a search deal is announced we could see the mid $20's, that is why it would be smart for MSFT to announce a $24 buyout. Carl would do it in a heartbeat. Who do you think brought Bartz in to steer the ship?

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      • bullrun,
        I don't disagree with anything you said.
        BUT, the track record of the BOD is abysmal.
        Given the public comments as of late and the sudden silence I suspect negotiations are going on right now.

        Based on the comments made I suspect the key issue is one of access and control. Somebody needs to give, but can they?
        That has been the issue all along.

        Remember they've been at it for over a year and nothing. Hannibal moved an entire army with elephants from Africa to Italy in less time.

        The basic issue is this: If Bartz does not do a deal what is her alternate value creating strategy? It can't be fluff, it's got to have visibility. I doubt there is such a strategy.

        So bottom line, if they can put it together the stock will hot $20 i'm sure, but if they don't it'll sink to $10.

        That's a high risk/reward ratio anf therefore will keep a lit on things.

        I think Yahoo would be DUMB beyond belief to not make a deal happen.

    • Buy now...hold a later.


    • well we managed to close above 13.5, but it took an S&P 500 break out over 741 to do it. Yhoo traded on lower volume and significantly lagged the nasdaq a 2nd day.

      I'm not convinced by this close over $13.5 unless we see follow-through tomorrow toward 14 on heavy volume.

      Until then I'm a skeptic and assume it can fall right below it again tomorrow.

    • $13.5 failed yet again, after a small attempt to break through buyers failed to materialize, volume is still very low.

      Need. More. Volume! in order to stay above $13.5

    • S&P reached 740.58 so far and Yhoo could not even manage to get into green...

      MSFT is even weaker, but these are the is a sea of green..

      I suppose if the market breaks through 741 there would be a maasive melt-up dragging yhoo along, but the relative weakness is concerning...

    • market breaking out to the upside S&P 741 within reach and YHOO is still negative on the day, this is just bad...

      once the market sells off of 741 (which it must initially), then Yhoo I suspect will likely test the $13 number

      there were 2 volume spikes but they have contributed little to nothing in price.

    • looks like we're heading right to $13... make or break time...
      just sad action in this stock...

    • looks like the market wants to test S&P 741...if Yhoo does not break through past $13.5 on this rally....

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      • With NO technical or pattern analysis, based on no real expectation of any blockbuster announcement, and looking at past history of how this stock has performed over the past few months, I am going to predict that while I would be fine being taken out at 13 and 14 next week, I suspect that I will retain all of my shares.

        If YHOO breaks upward from the 13's, I won't buy them back.
        If, as I suspect, YHOO finishes next week in the 12's, I (heaven help me) am likely to add more.

        Now that's a prediction! I fully expect someone to toss it back at me the Monday following OE, and I will thank them for it, since these things are often good for a sanity check.

      • mm are keeping YHOO down for personal reasons

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