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  • split29_2005 split29_2005 Mar 26, 2009 12:14 PM Flag

    i don't want carol to sell the company

    Presumably you are saying, then that you think that Yahoo! will rise up and smite Google in some fashion to win market share.

    If I am in a room with a lion and there is a roasted chicken in there, and the lion has eaten most of it and isn't particularly hungry right at that moment, is my strategy to:

    a) wait and see what happens
    b) eat the rest of the chicken
    c) realize that sooner or later the lion will get hungry again, and if there is no chicken, where will he look for his next meal

    It seems like there is no sustainable long term option here. Of course if we add:

    d) out of nowhere, I jump on the lion and gobble him up

    that certainly solves the problem doesn't it. And without allowing nonsense like past history, good sense and logic to interfere.

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    • if anyone wants to compete with google they will need yahoo....or it will be yahoo.....

      msft isn't the only company that can use yahoo's search....

      i would never step into a room with a lion in the first place.....

      know your

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      • Well, you kind of missed the point. Yahoo! didn't have any choice. They were already in the search engine room when Google arrived. Sigh.

        Anyway, the rest of your message says it all. You said you were content to wait, but you are really not in it for the value. You're just waiting for a takeover like everyone else.

        So good luck to you.

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