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  • split29_2005 split29_2005 Apr 2, 2009 6:43 PM Flag

    Bartz already selling shares

    It doesn't matter what benefit it has to her taxwise, even if you are right. The damage in the message she is sending is likely to far outweigh any tax advantage.

    I don't hear "Oh my, dearie, the taxman is at the door and won't accept this nice pair of socks I've knitted him, so I guess I'd better sell some of old Granny's shares."

    I do hear "I'd better line my nest as well as I can before people find out there is no deal and it drops well into single digits. Maybe they won't notice if I piggyback some of it onto tax time."

    Above all, you do not sell when you know there is going to be a significant jump in prices. Period. I'm sure she can obtain a cash advance if she needs one.

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