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  • gkcreamcheese gkcreamcheese Jul 18, 2009 10:20 AM Flag

    Walter Cronkite guilty of treason

    Fish is correct..America won every battle in Vietnam. Funding and war policy shifted in the USA after leftist news anchors led by Cronkite got the people to pressure the government because they thought it was unwinable. Kronkite's treasonist actions prolonged the war instead of allowing a quick decisive victory. Tens of thousands of our young men died and thier blood is on Kronkite's hands.

    They tried their hardest doing the same with Iraq and failed; Iraq is a free country thanks to Bush. :D

    My question to you LIVERMORE is what meds you are taking?!

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    • Your all wrong the youth of the country started the anti war protests (basically the hippies) because they did'nt want to serve and it gained enough momentum to force the hand of government to end Vietnam. No one in the press did this. Also it stopped the draft and started to create the all volunteer armed forces

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