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  • bigmoo_99 bigmoo_99 Dec 14, 2010 11:39 AM Flag

    They can read this lousy CEO & BOD like a book!


    All the BS attempted manipulation from Yahoo to Microsoft via Alibaba, via Yahoo Japan/GOOG search accord, via AOL rumors. Sheit the Street can tell the OLD beast what she going to do before she even know's!

    Welcome to Puppet management 101-A what a POS!!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Please do not ridicule coldonerules. he is already depressed as I can see through his postings. Have sympathy with him and with me too. I have a big stake in this stock.

    • "It's best that you post BS. You are incapable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. That 30% hit you took caused brain damage. Now, go play with your colors little girl, adults are talking here."

      And WHAT would YOU know about "intelligent conversation" or "adults"???????????????

      You are guessing when you state that he took a "30% hit", as you have NO Friggin idea what positions, if any, he has taken on YHOO!!!

      Regardless......we DO know that are DOWN approximately 40% (that's 4-0, Forty) on YOUR Yahoo ""investment""!!

      That's GOTTA hurt, huh Baggie????

      Say, don't ""Buyout targets" usually Rise in price, or at least stay even with the market?? Then WHY o WHY is YHOO UNDERperforming the market ALL week??

      The Yangster AIN'T Selling, Sappo, DEAL WITH IT!!


    • Yahoo's problems began way before Bartz.

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