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  • gadzillionman gadzillionman Aug 6, 2011 7:00 PM Flag

    yahoo management

    In retrospect, I'm sure YHOO is kicking itself for not taking MSFT's offer 2 years ago wasnt it like 30b ? ive been sitting on this pile of stock long enough I say new mgmt or sell !!!!!!

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    • If BOD sells for less than $30.00 they will be admitting that they made a monumental mistake two years ago. I'm not sure they are ready to concede that. The old rock and hard place idea is in play. They know that a buyer will only pay $20 - $23 for Yahoo. Acceptance of that price will only encourage lawsuits. What a mess. cheers

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      • well.. it is a great time to user market condition as an execuse for price decline... with S&P downgrading US treasury and etc. So the board need to seize the moment and throw Yahoo on sell block. Yahoo is in a great postion to shop for a buyer. It is making $ on its own and it is so obvious that ANY one can manage Yahoo better than Yahoo management ... so all they need to make lots of $$$ and show growth is to fire the management and the board... wait, do I hear private investors knocking on the door? Yahoo's internet influence is so large that it is a shame that the management does not know how to monetize them. Yahoo needs a good negotiator to navigate and realize full value of its Asian assets. This company is wayyyy under valued and the only way to maximize its value is to have another company to completely take it over and remake the management and the board.

    • It was 40 bil., 30 bil would easily do the trick now.

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