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  • grey116677 grey116677 Feb 2, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    Yahoo trending AOL

    I hope you have all digested AOL's earnings announcement.

    If you did, you now can see the road map to Yahoo's future.

    Declining revenue, falling earnings,

    Oh wait, that has been happening for a couple of years already at Yahoo.

    So it is just a matter of how fast that earnings/revenue decline accelerates.

    Forget the Asian asset folks. Those assets are as valuable as a ship full of gold sitting 2 miles deep in the Pacific.

    Someone will salvage them eventually, but it won't be you.

    See you all at $8., then $4, then $2, then the Pink Sheets.

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    • Grey - I will pay a visit to see you in the mental asylum. That is the way things will progress. Feel sorry for you and your precious life moments spent on writing absurd memos. See help - now!

      • 1 Reply to gdansk999
      • Now, Now gdansk:

        You have that backwards. For me this message board is like the Old English Insane Asylum "Bedlam" where people paid to go and watch the lunatics for entertainment.

        I just come here to see all of you longs acting insane. Such enjoyment and I get to make money while doing it.

        You have no idea the delight I take in having you join the fray. I can't wait to see you spit up on yourself.

    • Why don't you give this tired message
      a rest hot\grey.

      if you can't make your monies shorting on the truth you bring a bunch of lies into it.

      you are so over.

      stfu and go away...

      • 1 Reply to ypr4ys
      • ypr4ys:

        Why are you so angry again. Oh, that's right you aren't making any money.

        Also, could you please stop referring to Hotmodel and I as if we were the same person? I should think it is quite obvious that we don't type the same way. He posts on his trades and I almost never do.

        Better idea yet! Why don't you have our IP addresses traced? You will then know for sure that I am posting from Marietta, Georgia and the he posts from somewhere in Minnesota.

        You do know that IP addresses are assigned to individual geographies correct?

        To be honest, I really do not understand your bitterness. Trading stocks is just a game. Sometimes I win and sometimes I win some more. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you really take a beating.

        Hey ypr4ys, were you part of your buddy David Einhorn's insider trading deal on Punch Tavern's. Wow - what a beating you guys took on that investment. Fortunately, with your insider trading you minimized your losses by about $5 million, but the Brits will get it back from you.

        I look forward to your next post as you embarrass yourself a second time.

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