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  • lost_flip lost_flip Apr 18, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    The clown short bashers are out, must be good news

    For as much as I dislike Yahoo management, the shorts on this board are almost as big of a joke. I doubt there is anyone left here that bought at $120. There are probably some buyers at the $28-$30 range hoping for MSFT to bail them out, but most of the buyers here probably got in under $18.

    The stock is worth $22 just on the Asian assets., despite all of its issue, is worth more than $0.

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    • There is a rumor that the Asian assets are worth more than the official financial data would suggest, a rumor nothing more. But to the - clown pumpers, desperate longs, hope and pray rather than research crowd - rumors and dreams are solid data.

    • You mean, it is worth more than -$6

      I think Yahoo would sail upwards if there wasn't the Alibaba doubt hanging over the company. The worry is that Jack Ma does something fishy again or that Yahoo! never gets to see an Alibaba IPO. Once clarity (and specifics) are announced about an IPO for AG or a cash out of some of Yahoo!s stock in AG at a reasonable valuation, those doubts should be removed and Yahoo! can really make new highs. Until then, long as you trust Alibaba will come around. Pesronally, I think a tax-free asset swap isn't a good idea--it's too complicated; plus, the corp tax rate is going to come down no matter who is elected in Nov.

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