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Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) Message Board

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Aug 16, 2012 11:05 AM Flag


    Some companies know that you put your best people at the interface with your customers. If you have ever worked with Amazon customer service, you know what I mean.

    These message boards are the point of contact between many users and Yahoo. Yet, Yahoo, has assigned its least competent, least creative, least innovative least functional employees and managers to these boards.

    Unrealistic TOS that aren't enforced; automatic answers from customer care with no follow up; serial spammers running a major business stealing from users; thousands of political posts that have nothing to do with the companies in question; people answering and rating their own posts with alternate ID's; etc.

    If the Yahoo people are too lame to run a message board system, how do they ever expect to manage a major acquisiton?

    I expected better from the new Board of Directors. I

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      YAHOO - DO YOU EVEN CARE ???????

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      • I don't think anybody cares; I don't even think anybody is willing to act to make things better.

        This company has a brand new but clueless board with great resumes but no idea what is going on because nobody will dare tell them. They have their 4th? 5th? CEO in about as many years. Stock options are worthless so any employeee with real skills has either bailed or has a resume out. The corporate culture is to lie to everyone up the food chain, do nothing and hide until the people you lied to disappear.

        There is no flow of information. Customer Care is a sink hole; the Board Secy's office is a sink hole; the outside CPA (PricewaterhouseCoopers) doesn't even have a hot line. It is all don't ask - don't tell at the corporate level.

        I remember, perhaps a year or two year ago, watching the "suits" on a web broadcast about how everything in the pipeline that would make Yahoo a great company. None of it happened and all of that group of "suits" are gone!

        Certainly, Wall St. doesn't believe a word from anybody related to Yahoo. Or they shouldn't.

        The driving force has to be Loeb who is responsible to his investors. Right now, Yahoo is dead money. He can deal with this for a few months but but certainly not through his 2013 annual report.

        He needs to get out at some sort of profit and I'm guessing he knows that a major acquisition will drive the stock down further and keep it down longer.

        I do not believe that Yahoo can be sold as a whole company. Nobody can run it against the internal corporate culture. I'm guessing that sooner or later, they will start selling parts and then do a restructuring that will take it private, merge it out or otherwise find a way to deal with it.

    • Excellent Post , , Sadly, All True !
      They've changed their portfolios to a new format, user Unfriendly, Less functionality, etc...
      You covered this message board format , , , , terrible and Unnessary.
      Years of Bad corporate and Product decisions, , revolving door on CEO office, , ,
      Invest in their stock - Not A Chance !!!