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  • taratara144 taratara144 Aug 28, 2012 12:22 PM Flag

    dont judge mayer and yahoo by the stk price

    it' not mm's fault if the market does not realize her potential
    yahoo is a progressive co making great strides in women's rights.
    also they decrease pollution i think by allowing ppl to work from home
    p.s. you just know mm will make a big buy to finish off the company.
    jill barad did this with mattel some yrs back.

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    • What are you supposed to judge her by? This company doesn't pay dividends and has yet to announce any plan it may have to increase its value. It goes through CEO's like most people go through Kleenex. God, this is aggravating.

      Also, the drop in stock price is directly attributable to her suggesting that she's not doing to issue a dividend or buy back stock, without issuing any definitive statement as to what exactly she does intend to do with the Alibaba money or what her plan is for the rest of Yahoo.

    • She will be judged by the stock price. That is how the market works be the CEO a man or a woman. Period. I agree that the current timeframe is far too short to make any full-on judgements, but time will tell, it always does.

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