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  • dariencat8 dariencat8 Dec 1, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    $2.7 bil "judgement" is prima facie absurd and YHOO will likely not pay anything or at...

    ... most a very small amount. Think about it, all YHOO (US and worldwide , AG, Y-Jap all the cash, patents, etc) has a market cap of only $22 bil. All of YHOO in Mex can only be worth a few $100 mil (if even that) and these two Mexican companies are worth what, a couple of mil, maybe? hotmodel and the other clowns and shills on this board should all go short AAPL because I am filing a $10 trillion claim against them in Nigeria courts because I don't like their attitude.

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    • Remember what happened to the WalMart ruling? It went away, just like this one will.

    • dr.gloom Dec 1, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

      These two Mexican companies are worth what; one of them is part of Verizon, a company 6 times larger than Yahoo. And the ruling is about lost profits, breach of contract and breach of promise and has nothing to do with the value of any company. And this is not some $2.7 billion claim anybody can make, it´s a $2.7 billion ruling, very real and very serious.

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      • Which one??? Yellow pages is owned by the Yell Group, stock in the toilet around a dollar, but a company with good perks. You could get their stock for 30% off at the end of the year and dump it on the open market in January. I don't think Yahoo will pay s*** at most $100M+ but definitely not billions. Yahoo would have had to rip off every single person from the beginning of Internet in Mexico to owe that much. Regardless the outcome Yahoo can certainly absorb the hit and considering their going to cut Uncle Sam a check for $2B this month it makes quite the tax deduction wouldn't you say? I will say typical Yahoo...EVERY time its ran the past almost 5yrs some #$%$ comes out to crush the stock...what a cursed

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