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  • optionstrader4u optionstrader4u Dec 5, 2012 7:47 AM Flag

    Does anyone think they will ever give guidance? I am very frustrated with this..

    I am having a very hard time understanding why Marissa has not shared with us shareholders the future of the company. Just wondering how everyone else feels about this....

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    • I don"t need no sticken guidance, just gimmie a dividend before year end!!!

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    • Marissa recently said people should will not be giving guidance and people should rate her on how she is doing and what is being accomplished.

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      • OK, I understand the words but really, how can one tell how she is doing if she will not tell us how well she is planning to do so we can measure her results against he plan?

        It appears that if she has any plan it must be long term, 3 - 5 years, which is fine but will not keep the stock moving up for much longer.

        Right now YHOO is on Goldman's list and rated 10 by many rating agencies, buy, strong buy etc. so how can it get any better?

        Next year's EPS, estimated by the same folks that rate it a buy are the same in 2013 as 2012.

        Something does not add up.

        I have been wrong on my shorts thus far but longer term I can hold them and add to them because the consensus so strong that I can not see it going anywhere but down.

        Of course I would say this but seriously, the PE has gone up significantly and EPS will NOT go up so why will YHOO not fall faster than AAPL?

        Google, AOL have stronger track records and Google has a slower PE.

        Does YHOO have more growth potential than Google?

        Now that AAPL has gone down to reasonable levels is it a better buy than YHOO.

        Again, when EVERYONE says buy there must be a contrarian case for selling to capture profits or shorting to anticipate a technical down trend.

        I have been wrong shorting to date. Who can add to the buy case ab ve and beyond what has been said already?


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    • I own a couple of tickers who by policy do not give guidance. One trades for over 100/share. Good or bad I have learned to live with it. That way they are never wrong.

    • As a shareholder you are not entitled to guidance.

      Guidance is not an SEC filing requirement.

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