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  • fpl1971 fpl1971 Dec 22, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    what did marisa mayer do?

    - Jerry Yang is the one invested in Alibaba that could potentially valued more than Yahoo by next year.
    - Levinsohn was the the one engineer the selling of some Alibaba stake.
    - Yahoo has long being the leader of internet media abridging conventional media with online. This was the vision of Jerry Yang and CEO at the time.
    - Yahoo has long patented social networking platform that FB ripped off and using ... way before Mayer joined the company.
    - Flickr was acquired way before Mayer was in town.

    This is also true that all above happened way before Dan Loeb buying up Yahoo. I am all for kicking Yahoo in the butt and get everyone moving. But lets not forget who laid down the foundation for Yahoo. I wish Mayer the best in "polishing" up all the great assets that Yahoo has and make them greater than before ... because I am a long term Yahoo holder. But I also want to be fair. If you have to bring up Microsoft's jackass offer, anything to do with Balmer, you can pretty much write him off as a joke. He got lucky to be working with Nokia ... Nokia independently is a great company and got over 30k patents that they can work on, also owning navteq .... of course, Balmer can not resist being a looser, he won't go exclusive and by doing so he hurts both brands. The only microsoft for cell phone is Android. Too late for Balmer playing Google's game. He got to focus on exclusivity to regain the marketshare from Apple and Google. Instead, he play a looser's game. He should have give Yahoo what they wanted, because even at 35/share, Yahoo still worth alot based on its Asia holdings.

    Anyway, Yahoo is in good hands and I hope it will go straight up in 2013.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • What did she do? Why she hosted a party for barry O before the election and raised several Million barry bucks and in return , barry gave her his own secret plans he devised to improve the economy for her to use to improve the Yahoo Message Boards.

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