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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2012 10:59 AM Flag


    Nothing more to say .

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Oh no, not you again! You're still on this board??? If we listened to your advice we'd be in worse shape than the US economy!! Take a hike Baidu boy!

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      • Still trying to understand why you are saying sell sell sell when yahoo is going up up up? How much do you get paid for each sell post you make across numerous boards? $0.02? You still haven't given any good reasons as to why anybody would sell yahoo. There used to be a lot of sell pumpers on this board. And then Marissa came on and magically, a majority of those shortie pumpers disappeared. AMAZING! If you followed you own advice and sold yahoo on the 31st, how does it feel now that yahoo pushed past $20 today? Do you have a tingling sensation in the back of your brain telling you that it was a very bad idea to sell or that three analysts on CNBC chose Yahoo over Apple as their stock pick for 2013?? HAHA, I laugh at your childish comments! Mess with the best, die with the rest!

      • To "know nothing " iggysweep ; I encourage him to read , if he can , an article printed today from Motley Fools David Gould . He states that Yahoos core business is under attack by Google and decreasing space in relevant markets , he believes the growth curve is relatively weak for Yahoo. So regardless of how much changes Yahoo makes , it is an uphill battle with which he therefore places a target price of $17.76 . I agree with him . You don't like it , tough . Other people smarter than you , who do nothing but throw propaganda to your blogging friends, know the current true worth of Yahoo .

        Sentiment: Sell

      • Hey iggysweep --If you don't like my posts --tooo bad . You will be reading many more . Investors far more smarter than you have recommended BAIDU . Who cares if you agree or disagree . Don't like my posts , stop reading them . When I have an opportunity , I will be tracing your desire to read my posts and will be commenting on them . Good luck--wait to hear from you . P.S. Don't like my posts , get out of the kitchen . LMAO .

    • Republicans should not approve tax deal without spending cuts .

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