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  • ashton10shyof ashton10shyof Jan 2, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    Feel Sorry For Hotmodel

    As annoying as hotmodel is I can't help but feel sorry for her. She spent years on this board bashing Yahoo and fighting with coldone only to find out coldone was right. She lost all of her money and no one likes her because she bashed Yahoo every second of every day. She spends her time now trying to talk to coldone using aliases only to get shot down alias after alias. Hotmodel needs to start fresh in 2013 and listen to what coldone says.

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    • do you work for BING??? OR MICROSOFT?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • She keeps trying to talk to coldone. What a pitiful mess.

    • The fact you made this topic just shows you WORSHIP the ground I walk on. I can't remember the last time I made a topic in regards to you. It probable was the official Fedophile list of aliases that I had up over 75+, years ago. You're NOT YAHOO! therefore laughing at you as I have all these years has NOTHING to do with my perspective of Yahoo. I CAN'T STAND YOU as you're a worthless human being so why would I talk to you??? Look at how much you try to talk to me? At least half a dozen topics have 60-70-80 posts in them with 95% written by YOU or your ALIASES! I'm not even in those topics cause frankly you're a junior high very feminine male who adds ZERO SUBSTANCE. The psycho mentally unstable obsession will be studied at loony bins as a case study for generations to come. If you had an ounce of testosterone being a normal male liking sports and hunting you'd certainly be another Adam Lanza! Fortunately for us you like girly tea parties with your imaginary friends(your other ID's) enjoying phantom success over phantom shares which must be 1-1.1B of all shares outstanding by now. Gee, you loaded the boat at $19.40 and only took Yahoo 5 YEARS to get back there. Good thing you're such a d'bag only your ID's listen to you.hahahahahahahahahahaha

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      • LMAO oh poor Mewag can't stop stalking! My previous posts??? You do know how a calendar works right??? I've said I wrote ITM puts in the $14.80's, at least a dozen times, going back to August 27th. I said, once again quite a few times, I reinvested that money. I've also said I've been funneling my trading profits into divvy stocks, SID being one of them, where I've accumulated quite a position. I've stated I think NFLX could be a monster win with a $120 target, have LEAPS. I haven't conquered time travel and if you know what writing puts means which makes me a synthetic long, I did very well...sorry you're jealous.
        As for Yahoo, you have yet to show me WHERE and at WHAT price I'm short which means you're hoping and praying to not feel like such a lying loser. I've been pretty positive on MM against people like you...I WAS RIGHT. Laughed at your FB billions patent infringement...I WAS RIGHT. Defended AG for 5yrs using Tencent as a comparison...RIGHT against everyone as even perma-longs Bravo and Coldone/Geier828 wanted it sold. I also gave it a VERY VERY Santa generous valuation on the AG stake left showing the core isn't worth $15 per share in the hypesters wildest dreams and that is still higher than today. What you're forgetting is A)I don't get emotional as my exit on EVERY trade is mapped out and B)Only a dunce thinks this board could move the stock or people are "paid bashers"...we know what you think!hahahaha My writing has always included positives and negatives but forgive me for being in REALITY. There is some irony, a two ID loser, who lies all the time is trying to say I'M the one You can't seem to find me having another ID yet say it and say I was short yet no proof there so WHY would anyone believe you? I'm the only one who uses Investor Relations to back up my arguments not some SeekingAlpha or Motley Fool or heaven forbid a biased Eric Jackson article. I'm one for facts but you like drivel and your worthless opinion.

    • hotmodel is obsessed with coldone. dr.gloom is one of her aliases.

    • dr.gloom Jan 2, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

      …She spent years on this board bashing Yahoo and fighting with coldone...and yet the coldone groupies claim he has only been here a few months. None of them seem to remember coldone buying -#all in at $28#- expecting to get rich on a Microsoft buyout at a $35 minimum. His original -#buy Yahoo under $29 while you can#-, and repeated on every 25 cent drop since then. Only $8 until he breaks even.

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