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  • dariencat8 dariencat8 Jan 15, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Poor paranoid, pathetic hotmodel ! What about 20 posts today that no one reads and running battles....

    ...with numerous posters? And he is always wrong on his info. And how insecure he is that it is so easy to make him dance his little jig?

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    • Why do you keep creating topics? Its so weird how you act "tough" then run and hide every single time I reply. Weren't born with a teaspoon of Testersterone? Wrong on my info?hahahahahahahaha TELL ME you're denying being those ID's that somehow have followed you around for over a decade from BIIB and ELAN to SIRI to here in Yahoo. The real kicker is KLNAZI thinks "you're smart" and Texasinbreeder chimes in this morning when he's only made 54 posts in 8 YEARS!!! Life is great laughing and dumb people such as yourself...keep dancing as I'll keep bumping the evidence. A secure man would admit his lies, a #$%$ will keep on the charade...which are you? Oh and Herbalife was up AGAIN, up $12 since I told you to buy. 1. I'm certain you'll make another #$%$ topic and hide 2. I'll bump my earlier evidence and 3. I will mock you forever until you learn to stay on the porch with all the other young pups.

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