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  • bee_plus_001 bee_plus_001 Jan 16, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Here is the key everyone is missing! It is not about value of Alibaba holding to Yahoo, but,

    about how Yahoo can go head to head with Amazon on the eTail space and be profitable. Yahoo has the technology and Alibaba has the connections for goods! Amazon would have met its match that can compete and be profitable. Nice Strategy Marissa! Yahoo should be worth over $150 in a year or two with this strategy.
    So, don't sell out cheap!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • good story to pump the stock.. I don't see Jack and Marissa sleeping together unfortunately... but if this story can get this baby going... I am all for it.

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    • Yhoo MAY have the technology and connections - but it does NOT have the leadership, management, customer service orientation, ethical standards or even common sense of Amazon, for example.

      Indeed, can you picture any other major company providing a home for cybercriminals as Yahoo does for the serial spammers on these boards? And can you imagine any other company tolerating something like the GE message board where virtually every comment is someone's unsubstantiated political opinion?

      As long as it is about inflating visitor count rather than about content and quality, Yahoo cannot win a head-to-head battle with any quality company.

      Just my opinion.

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      • Amazon runs sweat shops. Their fulfillment centers are meat grinders to the people who work there, demanding unreal quotas for how many packages they can ship daily. Most don't last long. And Amazon is strong-arming states who want to collect sales taxes, telling them they will move their operations. It's time sellers of goods on the internet pay sales taxes like everybody else. Additionally, Amazon is trying to duck a 240 million fed tax bill.
        Yahoo now has a best in class CEO to lead a large group of very smart people and they are a very philantrophic organization to boot. If you hate them so much, don't use Yhoo Finance, or Sports or News etc. They will still be here. And they are turning the corner into another period of growth and stock appreciation. I am liking Yhoo these days and believe they are due for another heyday.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I was thinking the same thing, there’s a good possibility that ALIBABA will join YAHOO shopping network to start the buying and selling through yahoo already established shopping site. In few words, when you go to YAHOO Shopping you also get the option to shop the ALIBABA massive product and pay locally through yahoo on line with out going and pay through the Chinese network.

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