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  • fpl1971 fpl1971 Jan 29, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    lol ... people are retarded ... they sell at this price?

    i am accumulating shares anything below 20. who cares about short term? give it a three month, yahoo will be at 22 or 23 and maybe more. #$%$ analysts ask Mayer what about hardware and other stuff. People, Jerry Yang and Dan Filo built this premier bar non internet media central to integrate both TV and internet news. Yahoo is at a place where it can help Apple to get to the next level, it can help google to get to the next level, it can help msft to get to the next level and many many more companies (ie. Samsung). It is juiciest steak on the market. Plenty of fire power and no liability. Come on, you guys have to be retarded not to buy and buy more at this level. Why do you think Yahoo bought back huge chunk at 19 range??? because it knows that it won't stay below 20 much longer.

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    • Yahoo bought some back in Dec, it has been trading in 19 range all Dec. It doesn't matter. People don't realize that Yahoo has lean itself in the past couple years to become a take over target. That is why it doesn't make any hardware. That is why it doesn't stray from its internet media advertising focus. Yahoo is running lean and efficient. Yahoo has many products that it could improve and gaining traction. Flickr for one is gaining traction and many people pay to use it. I for one, pays to use it. Yahoo owns Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. All great and appreciating assets. Marisa is pointing out the obvious at Yahoo. Personalized ad placements ... duh! of course! But the difference between her and other predecessors could be that she may have the "technical" vision and know how to get it done coming from Google. Yahoo has tons of personalized information flowing through its portals via web or via mobile. Yahoo just hasn't even learn how to tap in yet. Marisa is acquiring young and innovative companies ... hopefully she will get talents to work on Yahoo's problem, which I think she has. I would not be shorting Yahoo. All it takes for Yahoo to get to 25 is a simple announcement from Alibaba that it is going IPO and priced at $$$.

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    • Samsung??? I hope not as I love Samsung as they're killing it right now but they have no need for Yahoo. A few weeks back, they made over $7B in profit...$7.6B maybe. That is probably very close to what Yahoo has made in the previous DECADE! Samsung has GOALS like becoming a top 5 brand with revenues of $400B. Their going into health, medicine and biotech to do it. Yahoo doesn't have a lot to offer from a financial standpoint. Revenue has stalled with a slight decline forecasted for next year, and its GAAP EPS of .23 was less than last years .24. Search clicks was like 1% growth and display ad's was double digit declines. Operating income fell 22% from 220M+ to 190M. You don't pay a premium on cash and say they liquidate Yahoo Japan and AG you're left with a core that makes less than $900M so a core worth $5B-$10B realistically. Samsung GIII, as a product, is worth more than that.

    • Or, Yahoo is a stagnant business which will likely have declining future revenues . This may mean a lower price, for example $15 per share, which makes selling today at $20 a smart move.

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      • Dear Sir - even if $YHOO core business declines by 33% as you are insinuating here - then it will still be worth around $25 - because $YHOO is worth about $30 today, not $20. Count up their cash, alibaba, and Yahoo Japan... do some basic math, and then come back with your opinion. Anyway, if you are short this long-term, you'll lose.

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    • Why do you think Yahoo bought back huge chunk at 19 range???

      May I ask how you came up with that? Could you point me to where it is written that Yahoo bought back a huge chunk in the 19 range? Or is that something that you just felt like making up?

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