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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Jan 31, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    IQ Test for Republicans



    1. Is the earth flat?
    2. Is the earth approximately 6,000 years old?
    3. Did Man co-exist with the dinosaurs?
    4. Is CO2 a greenhouse gas?
    5. Does burning fossil fuels create CO2?
    6. Was Obama born in America?
    7. Do you believe in Evolution?
    8. Were there Iraqi's on board the planes that attacked America on 911?

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    • 9. A pregnant woman can cause a spontaneous abortion simply by willing it to happen.
      10. Putting more guns on the street will reduce crime.
      11. Providing more money to millionaires (thru tax reductions) will trickle down and increase the number of jobs.
      12. Immigrants take jobs away from Americans.

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