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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Feb 27, 2013 3:35 AM Flag

    I feel bad for Mayer's infant. All talented Moms at yahoo will now leave - Women are the best talent

    Every developed country in the world has culturally accepted and in many cases legally demanded flex time and working from home when the children are too young for school.

    Every succssful American company encourages flex time, and allowing parents to work from home when their children are too young for scholl is so common that it is assume and no longer thought of as a perk but in fact a way to increase productivity and create loyalty which results in much more value added ideas and products.

    Parents, most often women, have taken top executive positions around the world without sacrificing their families.

    The mothers that chose or worse, forced to show total commitment to work both in time and emotional involvement are prove to be the exact parents who create the kind of kids that have killed dozens of school children over the past 5 years.
    Fathers and Mothers work flex time and at home not because they want to maintain the old housewife traditional family but because they CHOOSE to perform excellently at work AND raise their children the best way known - having either Dad or Mom with them as much as possible and ready to be there immediately when needed.

    Now Mayer has shown that women at yahoo better drop that baby and get back to work in a week and forget their kids, put them in a day care for the 12 hours a day you are supposed to work at the office and to hell with what the children need in the most important first 5 years of life - screw them up so they can shoot a school room of other kids when they reach their teen age years and realize that their parents could not give a hoot about what they need. Mayer and her ilk say screw the kids, get to work.

    Of course Mayer has at least 1 Nanny, at least 2 housekeepers, at least 2 chefs, a limo on call, a driver, a corporate plane on call and I her infant spends more timewith strangers than with his biological parents

    Yahoo is clearly not a state or the art, cutting edge, future oriented company.

    Watch out - talent disappears quickly and Mayer can not attract the best when she shows that distrust and freedom and trust do not exist.

    The honeymoon is over, way over, and Yahoo is now treating employees like Mayer treated ABC and this is consistent with the "new" home page which is just like the old one that has been their for 6 years except now it Scrolls "FROM THE BOTTOM!" - ANY WEB DESIGNER COULD ADD THAT FEATURE IN 30 MINUTES AND IT IS CONSIDERED A NEWS WORTHY ANNOUNCEMENT BY MAYER.

    My investments are heavily based upon the character of the executive team and Mayer is revealing day by day that she is over her head.

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