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  • basketaetc1 basketaetc1 Feb 27, 2013 11:22 PM Flag

    Mayer's memo...

    Very interesting to see everyone weigh in on Mayer's decree to return to the mothership. It seems clear that Yahoo! has lost control over these workers and I applaud Mayer for taking the difficult but right step to have all 'report' in.

    Lots of disagreement out there amongst journalists & bloggers. Some of the most vocal complainers on this issue, were the most vocal protectors of Mayer & her right to skip maternity leave, stating it was no one elses business, but Mayer's. I would say that unless you work for Yahoo! or are a shareholder, WTH does it matter to you.

    I was reading a BI article the other day that gave an account of the awful culture and underproductivity encountered at JCP by Ron Johnson's team.

    Here's an excerpt of COO Michael Kramer explaining what they were hit with :

    "There were 4,800 employees at the HQ in January 2012, and in one month they had watched five million YouTube videos during work hours. He said that 35 percent of bandwidth at HQ was used for "loafing off."

    One big consequence was the culling of staff. Now, a little more than a year later, 1,600 of those workers have been sent packing.

    Another was the total destruction of the company's old corporate culture, which led to dissent among the ranks of executives at the home office who didn't agree with the changes."

    I'm not saying Mayer has encountered anything as bad as above, but we pay her top dollar to take this company that for many reasons, was severely lagging behind its peers, back to it's prime.

    I will trust that as unpleasant at it is to uproot off-site workers lives, it is being done for the betterment of the company. That's what we complained about in the past right. Get rid of slackers, cut the bloat blah, blah, blah. Well now Yahoo has someone in charge that is willing to face this serious issue head on.

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    • Nothing can be further from truth.

      JCP management screwed up. Did they have project management and oversight in place? Probably not.

      When your workers are given defined tasks and deliverables with realistic deadlines, no reason to watch them like teenagers, just ask for status report, validate their progress. It is not that difficult.

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      • Regarding JCP, these were workers at head office - not work-at-home.

        My point re JCP related to Mayer coming into a situation where to some extent, the inmates were running the asylum. Yes I think the amount of Youtubes downloaded, alone, shows that a proper system of oversight was not in place.

        Mayer would have also inherited serious issues within Yahoo!. Too many changes at the top over the last 5 years or so have left employees demoralized and without leadership. This leads to much chaos.
        What do you suggest should be done in a case such as this?

        No blanket statements on my part regarding an individuals capabiliites to self-govern. Some will be more than capable and others not. It's been quoted throughout the press this week that many, not all, home workers were very much abusing the system - which again was either poorly set-up or poorly executed.

        I believe this is the first step in combatting an issue that has become unmanageable as is. The next step will be to turf those in head office that allowed the abuses of the system.

    • Basket, I personally thank you for "telling it like it is", so to speak. You precisely described a situation which MM chose to resolve. Too bad that her decision was frowned upon on this board and around the nation, but as a CEO she made an adult decision in the best interest of the company, and I also applaud her for this action . She has leadership qualities that is helping all of us make money.

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      • cibor Feb 28, 2013 5:18 AM Flag

        "Too bad that her decision was frowned upon on this board and around the nation..."
        Thankfully, YAHOO! is not run but the opinion of vocal folks around the nation, but by business professionals. I've interviewed young people for professional positions, and they tell me their terms for acepting the position, like "I need time off Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm for my yoga class, and I don't work more than 40 hours a week - ever". We have a divide in the nation between dedicated and focused employees, and those brought up being told they are all "special" and "deserve praise on a daily basis". If your boss decides working in the office is a job requirement, you have the choice to quit. Working from home is not a right - working for the productivity of the company is a responsibility.
        So those around the nation offering their opinion of YAHOO! productivity practices can stuff it. Chances are they're still living in the basement of their parents.

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    • MM is absolutely right; Being a long-term shareholder, there is no doubt MM did the right thing.

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      • Lucky for her she can build a "nursary" next to her office so she does not have to worry about many of the challanges most of her employees do with repect to child care at home is a win-win for the company and the employees and even for our society. It allows dual working couples to balance their work resposibilites with their family ones. The old days of having a stay at home parent have pretty much been desimated by the need for dual incomes to provide a middle class std of living. OUr society has taken a hit as many of our children do not have the benefit of parental involvement in their lives as generations before have. Work at home is proven and acceptable solution to the working parents and child rearing conundrum. If an employee is a poor performer it wont matter if they work from home or at the office..........

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