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  • bobbyckirch bobbyckirch Mar 2, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    "Man-up" Yahoo workforce!

    It's common knowledge that 70% of "any workforce" is carrying the other 30% of the shammers and slackers. This will give Marissa Mayer and team, face-time to quickly identify the "riff- raft " and give them the appropriate "heave-ho". You go girl! -a female CEO with a "set of kahonna's"

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    • cibor Mar 3, 2013 5:52 AM Flag

      With all the opinions about whether it is "fair" to make "working moms" work at an office rather than home, a basic reality is being ignored.
      Only about 500 YAHOO! employees were working from home. The CEO had an audit done which showed "teleworkers" were not logging on at the start of core hours, nor working until the end of their particular work hours. In short, data showed these employees were (1) not putting in a basic core hour work day, (2) there was no way to measure their daily "accomplishments", and (3) accountability was absent.
      As for this whole dialogue that this is "unfair to women", I'd ask when it became required that women be able to avoid being physically at work, and all that it entails (dressing, commuting, attending meetings, face-to-face communications, etc.). Do females with children need special treatment? Accusations of sexism make popular television and print media. How many of the 500 are "working women" with children at home? If they need to be home, perhaps they need another job with another employer.
      The rise in the stock price says it all.

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    • "a female CEO with a "set of kahonna's"

      LOL.... As if that imbecile could possibly do anything to save the bankruptcy destined loser, Yhoo.

      Yahoo's share is expected to plummet next week.... LOL....


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