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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 3, 2013 3:00 AM Flag

    Who exactly wants Yahoo message boards shut down?

    In politics and message boards, it is hold your nose and commit, despite issues of spam. The spam argument really is not valid, since for any but the small population of the stupid and the naïve it is easily recognizable. Some even waste their time openly exposing spam generated topics targeted, apparently, only to the naïve.

    Those who suggest Facebook and other similar message boards either discount or are in deception mode of the issue of privacy. When talking about money matters do you really want your true identity exposed?

    Yahoo message boards are the ONLY currently available source for talking about most all companies linked to their financial information. As far as any interpretation goes of shutting them down it would be to disadvantage small investors in a return to a level of information sharing availability not seen since the 1980’s and the dawn of widespread Internet use. It would be a huge benefit to those who wish to control the widespread availability of financial information. There have been from time to time very lucid posts on what to expect in the investment world on Yahoo message boards. So it would seem that one of the reasons for shutting down Yahoo message boards is to see that such information is no longer available except to insiders.

    There is also the issue of criminal activity in the financial sector, which gets a lot of exposure by many who post on Yahoo message boards. Could it be that such exposure is unwanted? We wouldn’t want such information to see the light of day, now would we? So just who do those represent that want criminal enterprises to remain untouched, as they currently are in the financial sector?

    If you think otherwise please DO provide your alternatives (other than Facebook).

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    • "Yahoo message boards shut down"

      Are you, yourself, guilty of plastering spam?

    • If the message board shuts down coldone will lose it because he wont have anyone to trash

    • Interesting post. Lots to ponder.

      Spam is rampant on the boards. On any given day you have to scroll through many spam posts to get to the 'lucid' posts.

      On the issue of privacy, well let's just say that even though you post here and believe it is private, in my experience, IT"S NOT. It does work in other venues. Take a platform like Stocktwits...pretty much all there are 'known; to each other. They do post under id's other than their name for the most part, but they do not 'hide' who they are. I'm sure there are many other examples of platforms where do no HAVE to hide who they are for fear of being attacked. You have entirely skipped over the major issue with these boards which is they are being 'conrolled' by very few people using multiple id's. These id's abuse, harass, bully & otherwise make it extremely uncomfortable to legitimately post here. People hide on Yahoo Finance because there is an element of abuse here. When I first viewed these boards, I said there was no way in HELLLL that I would ever post here. Everyone was arguing, accusing each other of being other id's. But, what can I say, I got sucked in., not knowing the 'game' that was at play here. We were in the middle of Yang trying to pull a 'Dell', with Silver Lake, there was a lot going on & I had a new position in YHOO. Fool I was to think that I was talking to like-minded people.

      Is that a theory you have, that WS wants to close down the Yahoo Finance boards?
      I don't think it is that sinister, or maybe I don't want to believe it is?

      Yahoo does need to address the issues with the finance boards. Maybe they do need better moderation. I don't know.

      • 1 Reply to basketaetc1
      • “Spam is rampant on the boards. On any given day you have to scroll through many spam posts to get to the 'lucid' posts. ...”

        You are exaggerating.

        “...Is that a theory you have, that WS wants to close down the Yahoo Finance boards?
        I don't think it is that sinister, or maybe I don't want to believe it is? ...”

        You paint a pretty broad brush there with the Wall Street comment. There are honest people on Wall Street. The trouble is they don’t currently have the power to effect change. All the regulators appear to be captured and will not throw criminals, like Jon Corzine, in jail for stealing the money of investors from their segregated accounts. As long as that continues, and you have people like Marissa Mayer that want to shut people up by taking away their ability to communicate the only conclusion that can be arrived at is that the fox is guarding the henhouse.

        So this message does not get too long you are referred to a “white listed” link (a recent Yahoo change to further limit the ability to expose or educate):

        OOPS! Yahoo has now made it impossible to refer to another message by way of a link on Yahoo that should be “white listed”.

        Use the “Search Message Boards” box and go to the following message that begins:

        When it comes to Yahoo, as far as those concerned from this screen name, it WAS an apolitical stance.

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