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  • roirop roirop Mar 12, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    Confession: Why I bought Yahoo at $14. Why Coldone is a bright bulb.

    Last year when I saw Daniel Loeb shaking things up at Yahoo, it really got my attention. I like Daniel Loeb. Very smart guy. So, when he pushed Scott Thomspon out (correctly so), then I knew this was an INVESTOR out to make money. And I let my own money follow him. Plus all the fundamentals were sooo there.

    I've pointed out here at the Message Board that while FaceBook boasts and boasts it's ONLY attribute of 1 Billion Unique Visitors, that Yahoo also has 700,000,000 Unique Visitors..not that many less. BUT unlike FaceBook, whose UV's are mostly in impoverished countries where a smart phone is all they own, Yahoo's UV's come to Yahoo to CHECK ON THEIR STOCK, to watch sports...In other words, Yahoo's UV's have MONEY and guess what? ADVERTISERS love that demographic. Yahoo has a bigger sports audience than ESPN! More stock watchers than Bloomberg, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal! 700,000,000. So, yes, I bought at $14 and I bought a hell of a lot. AND THEN OMG! HERE CAME MARISSA MAYER! And now Yahoo's are busy mobilizing. They are monetizing. They are advertising to that 700,000,000 audience. And that spells M-O-N-E-Y!

    Finally, Coldone took a lot of #$%$ here during all of that time and I lurked, not posting much, but I can tell everyone with clarity: Coldone was right and the shorters who bashed him lost their shirts and their credibility. So here's to Yahoo! Here's to Daniel Loeb and Marissa! And here's to Coldone! I am a Yahoo!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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