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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Apr 2, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    Every time Yahoo "improves" something it gets worse

    Yahoo Mail now? It's like 1998 deja' vu. Now slower to load due to unnecessary "features" added that duplicate those already there, not add to them. Can Yahoo do anything right other that watch its stock price go up in this BS rally that has nothing to do with Yahoo?

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    • sort of like the federal government

    • i disagree wholeheartedly. i'm a yahoo message finance board user for 15 years now and watched the quality of the UI slide repeatedly until the boards became almost unusable. but i thought the recent changes to be superb. apparently, its no easy feat for a large company to make software changes which actually enhanced the user experience (see apples latest disaster itunes refresh - itunes, imo, is unusable, and i'm a 20 year apple fan). importantly, almost everything i see from yahoo has improved dramatically in terms of UI. someone over there gets it bigtime and if its mayer, then so be it. the irony in all this is that yahoo has been the worst internet company in history. their poor performance allowed google and others to even exist in the first place. the ironic part: is that right now yahoo is the best company around, making all the right moves and getting lots of attention. i'm not long the stock (btdt with the jack ma fiasco) and never will be, but i have to say i like yahoo here.

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