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  • aroadrock aroadrock Jun 29, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    letter sent to Gen. Mgr. of The NYT

    Denise Warren
    Office of General Manager
    The New York Times

    Dear Ms. Warren,

    I am a Messageboard user on the Yahoo Messageboard (YMB). Lately, I have seen ads for the NYTimes on messageboard screens, and know that the NYT is a large, established and well-known firm, and from my life experience know that it is also a well-respected voice for news, editoiriials, and opinion.

    I have used YMB's for probably ten years on the financial section where there are messageboards for stocks. Stockholders and others post messages to make comments to others regarding certain stocks. It's not all business all the time as we "horse around" some. There is some name calling, as I"m sure you can imagine, but usually innocous stuff that no one takes seriously. However, some posters do throw real insults at others so strongly and with such repitition that you can really feel the pain of those on the receiving end of those kinds of insults. Another thing that is done on the YMB's which has become more frequent in the last couple of years, is the use of profanity, even obscenity, and other types of derogatory language. In your business, I'm fairly sure you've seen this in other comment or messageboars, as well. Again, this kind of activity has been more "profuse" in the last couple of years.

    Now, Yahoo has a system to enable a user of the boards "Ignore" a user or to make what's called an "Abuse Report" to Yahoo when some of this kind of activity gets extreme. There are seveal catagories of "abuse" that someone wanting to make such a report, or complaint from which one can choose.

    The catagories are:
    Harm to Minors
    Derogatory Language

    see reply for part 2

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    • i think she'll be sending me an email tomorrow with her decision

    • y'all need to get a life!

      • 1 Reply to ajblo
      • you mean forget about having postings on the yahoo messageboard about rape, incest, secs with animurals, and other derogatory language? you mean forget about the fact that postings such as i just described are purportedly represent an abuse of yahoo's terms of service? you mean forget about the fact that yahoo will not enforce its own rules? forget about the fact that yahoo tolerates users taking the alias of someone else, that is, impersonating another, and will do nothing about it?

    • i am sending the letter i sent to the NYTimes to every adverstiser on yahoo...short this stock....your officers are the trash that permit the filth on the boards and share the taint of them.

    • To me, and I know, as a long-time user, it's good such an "Abuse Report" system is in place. However, I, again, and others, are concerned to the point of being "troubled" by the lack of enforcement by Yahoo to remove offensive postings, or to withdraw posting privileges of those who make a great many offensive posts, all of which fit into one or more of the catagories above. A great many of these postings, judging by reasonable acceptable standards are truly repugnant, including one of incest, sadism and masochism and even #$%$. I know I do not need to go into detail here.

      I make, and others make, abuse reports when a poster really steps over the line; and when they continue to do so. However, little is being done by Yahoo in enforcing its own abuse policies (or terms of service). I have seen cases where a poster will enter the messageboard, begin posting very offensive material, reports are filed, but they continue for days. It seems their withdrawal from a particular messageboard in only voluntary and short lived because within a week, sometimes longer, they will be back at it. Sometimes they will change their "alias" user ID, and other times do not even go so far and continure to use an ID they had when prior abuse reports were made against them. Another recent "trick" some posters are using is to somehow obtain the user name (ID) of other posters and begin posting these offensive messages with another's name.

      see reply for part 3

      • 1 Reply to aroadrock
      • And even though reports are filed against them no steps to really solve the problem are being taken by Yahoo. Sometimes an "imposter" will post for seveal days amidst many abuse reports for impersonating and will disppear. This leaves the people that filed the first reports with a sense of releif that the imposter was removed from the boards by Yahoo. Then in as short of time as a couple of weeks, or as long as a couple of months the imposter will return using another's ID to make offensive postings all violative of Yahoo's terms of service and which are certainly subject to the abuse report system in place by Yahoo.

        It has become such an issue lately that the YMB's have taken on a kind of filthiness. Even the messagegboard for the stock symbol for Yahoo (YHOO) encounters this abuse with no enforcement from Yahoo. I, and others, are led to believe that "perhaps" some of this lack of enforcement and impersonating is being done by those in the enforcement section, that is, by persons receiving the abuse complaints themselves.

        I have made countless abuse reports, as well as reports to various "feedback" systems Yahoo has to no avail. I have even been able to make a complaint by phone, but nothing was promised to me that they could deal with the matter.

        see reply for part 4

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