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  • toddspencerusa toddspencerusa Jul 13, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    Yahoo......firing up my Crystal Ball again. :

    It's that time again folks....I just purchased some new lithium batteries for my crystal ball. Here are my $.02 about Yahoo, my favorite stock for 2013. Remember, don't try this at home without the special crystal ball! Ok, it's working, I think. Here goes...

    1) HULU - I'm glad the HULU project is now officially closed. Going into this will be like going into a "Mormon" Multiple wives (companies) will control one kitchen. It does not work. I rather Yhoo make similar relationship with all the content vendors to create their own HULU. Yes, getting traction will be a challenge. However if Google can create Google Music (or whatever it's called) to compete with Pandora and Spotify, Yahoo can do the same for video content. As you know Apple is doing the same.

    2) Earnings - we will BLOW out earnings...JMHO. The stock will probably drop a bit (sell on the news) but then again it can blast off. My mantra is.....straight to $40, then to $100....then GOOG numbers! Yes, again you have my permission to call me nuts, crazy or any other complimentary names. : But I would love to say I told ya so about 3 to 5 years from now.....LOL.'re hearing it from this crazy balzy poster first.

    3) Angry Woman Syndrome - don't mess with a woman with determination like MM. Don't forget, Google did not promote her, did not give her the upper Exec role, passed her for promotions. TRUST ME.....she is a woman who is determined to kick their BUTT !!!!!!! Yes, she will be cordial, friendly, work with all partners but she does have an agenda. I believe it's a small agenda like world domination.....ooooops, I mean Internet Domination.....LOL. Wow, these batteries on my Crystal Ball is working overtime.

    4) MM is a shopaholic - She is making news practically every week. Whether it's great PR, Bad PR, OK's still PR. By continuing to purchase companies she will continue to make headlines. Headlines is good. :

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • you are so brilliant!

    • todd,

      I couldn't agree with you more. I have said over and over again....NO HUDDLE OFFENSE is in full effect. You have a new management team that is trying, fighting, and executing aggressively. This is very telling. Sure they might have a miss here or there. But I rather see them fighting then sitting on their hands and just collecting their paycheck. I applaud the entire yahoo team. I have heard from numerous press sources that the energy level at yahoo is nothing like it was a year ago. People are coming in early and leaving late. Writing some kick #$%$ code. I think the sea of cultural change is taking hold. They are far from firing on all cylinders. However, I think the cylinders are now place. It will take time to fire them one at a time. And once that are all on fire, we should be at about $100/shr.

      Warren Buffet puts it best:
      "So if you wait for the robins, spring will be over."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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