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  • goingbravo goingbravo Jul 25, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    Valuing YHOO Core at $0, YHOO is still undervalued below $32

    What is amazing is that YHOO's Asian assets continue to increase in value so it is becoming a "shares insurance" until YHOO reaches par with the valuation of their Asian assets. Watch out, however, if MM becomes successful next Q reporting improving YHOO core with a positive forward guidance, I would say YHOO shares will go "sky is the limit".

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    • This is exactly my feeling also GoingBravo. In my belief, Marissa is executing exactly as she planned and with the page views finally crossing over showing growth, then we should see growth within the next few quarters.

      Because EVERYONE has been complaining about no CORE growth, when CORE growth actually happens, Yahoo stock price might actually see a 20% one day gain, like Facebook did.

      The key here is do you believe Yahoo will show growth in the next few quarters. If yes, this is a great investment.

    • Enron, Circuit City, Lehman Brother, Kodak and many others have proven that just a couple of quarters before they went out of business, their assets and potential growth were at the peak in the company history. Most of the numbers were fabricated by CfO.. they will report whatever number investors wanted to see to beat the expectations. Do you know how many of these "out of business" CEO went to jail ? Zero... the competition in the YHOO space is tough, using Asian assets bogus numbers to keep Yhoo stock price up is getting old.. GL

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      • casacujo How can you compare YAHOO with what you wrote? YAHOO is the best American International Internet portal that ever existed. what would you do without YAHOO, where could you write your nonsense posting? Believe it or not YAHOO will be here until the end of the world.

      • You must be kidding!! YJ in Japan, the largest portal in Japan and Alibaba is the largest e-commerce in China. These properties speak for itself. I am sorry but you continue to be in denial mode. You must losing dinero quite a bit betting against YHOO. Take it like man baby!!

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