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  • alanbartlett1 alanbartlett1 Sep 19, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    Yahoo Mail - new version is unacceptable


    Posted here because Yahoo's normal paths for mail comments no longer work; maybe due to Complaint overload! The new YAHOO Mail is unacceptable because it always reverts to the ‘advanced mode’ where the needed tool bar actions - REPLIES, DELETE, MOVE, SPAM, ACTIONS, are grayed out and are non functional. Mails can only be deleted and if accidentally trashed can not be moved back to another folder. The problem is temporarily fixed by using SETTINGS-VIEW-OPTIONS to change to BASIC mode BUT, only temporarily as Yahoo Mail reverts back to the ADVANCED mode by itself. Yahoo, unfortunately, no longer provides a direct path for users to offer comments or get ‘real’ support about specific problems. We and millions of others have, for many years, been happy with the Yahoo Classic Mail, but will now have to change to a different service unless Yahoo’s mail problems are fixed very soon. Surely Yahoo management knows that changing to GMAIL is made easy since GMAIL has features to automatically forward Yahoo email to GMAIL. Many, many, like us, have Android phones and so, we already have GMAIL too. Do you want really want to lose so many users? Yahoo had a good thing and Management needs to hold those that screwed it up accountable. Yahoo classic mail wasn't broke and the change isn't improvement.

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