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  • gkcreamcheese gkcreamcheese Oct 1, 2013 5:38 AM Flag

    Democrats in congress refuse to negotiate on shutdown

    An hour after the federal government began shutting down, House Republicans approved a last-ditch effort early Tuesday seeking to set up a committee with the Senate to resolve their monumental differences over Obamacare.
    The House passed the measure seeking a conference committee, 228 to 199. But even before the vote, Democratic leaders promised to swiftly reject the offer when the Senate met later Tuesday morning. No compromise could be reached on Sunday as the Democrats in Congress took the day off.

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    • Shoot! Let the government stay shut down until every dept of every dept cuts their budget by 25%, redundant jobs are eliminated and the president finally makes the time to sit down and look at that budget line by line to cut unnecessary expenses that he PROMISED to do 6 years ago. THEN, maybe those who were elected to represent constituents/regions/ states will be allowed to sit down with the great failure of a president to come to some nation restoring decisions...

    • Here is the thing: Obamacare has ZERO to do with the situation and while Republicans are 0-40 getting it repealed that should be left to a later debate. To hold the federal gov't hostage is crazy to me and judging by the 0-40 record seems pretty shady IMO. If in 1yr or 2yrs or 5yrs it doesn't work or parts don't work then change it then but to do it now is dumb. A committee???hahahahaha They want to defund it completely so what is the point? Then again the Republicans have gone bats*** crazy the last few years anyway with Bachmann's Tea Party rants and outright lies to go with Trump with his lunacy its a disaster. I don't even vote along party lines but all of the Democrats I seen on CNBC yesterday simply wanted to continue funding for the gov't. Republicans are trying to shove Obamacare stuff in...let it go as it passed, Supreme Court said it was legal, so do some REAL work! A bunch of adult babies in Congress!

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      • HOTMODEL, how much does Obama pay you to make pro-liberal arguments on the stock boards? Obamacare is an atrocity and certainly non-essential. When the democrats lose their majority in the Senate, Obamacare will be toast.

      • Defunding or repealing useless and destructive programs such as Obamacare (being the worst)
        would avoid having to pass bill to raise the debt ceiling.

        In fact, I think it's about time to hold the Senate's feet to the fire because they have been rejecting House budgets for the past 3 years. The Senate deliberately created debt spending situation.
        No budget = no control in spending, wouldn’t you agree?

        Also, republicans can’t get anything repealed when the lapdog Senate Democrats are blocking everything that does not fit their communist agenda.

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