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  • gkcreamcheese gkcreamcheese Oct 1, 2013 5:46 AM Flag

    House approves bill to keep government open by delaying obamacare, Senate rejects


    The House of Representatives has voted 231-192 to avoid a government shutdown with a
    one-year delay of key parts in Obamacare. Senate rejects. Obamacare spending continues
    as it is not ready to be implemented due to numerous delays and waivers from
    president Obama. - Sept 30 2013 ABC News

    Blame for shut down falls squarely on the Democrats in the US Senate and Obama
    for not pressuring Harry Reid in the Senate to work with the House.

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    • several republicans here that just can't get over the fact that OBAMA WON THE ELECTION! still crying over it with phony statements! GET OVER IT! always blaming him- -he didn't cause your child to get a cold-did he? FACT- go hide now -before listening since you wouldn't want to hear FACTS! both parties agreed a couple years ago to appoint 3 expert tax members from each party to come up with a deficit reduction agreement! they came up with one over 10 years that would of benefited this country ( including your children) & the republican party ( DO NOTHING PARTY) turned down their own appointed members plan!!!!! of course-the republican. party did finally accomplish something- THEY ENDED UP HAVING OUR FINANCIAL STATUS DOWNGRADED!

    • The Founding Fathers never meant for the countries finances to be finded by debt ceiling increases. The Senate refused to pass budgets and appropriation bills from the House. Harry Reid and the Democrat Senate also failed to pass a budget in 2010 for 2011 when Democrats had control of House and Senate.

    • I try to not discuss specific political ideologies when discussing stocks & finance, because they're completely different topics. But! I disagree (and you may eventually realize that the majority of Americans also disagree) that blame falls "squarely" on the Democrats.

      The blame for this one will fall primarily on the Republican party, and I will tell you why in a moment. First, I want to say that the entire three-ring circus we have going on in Washington is to blame for this. THERE IS NO REASON THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE SHUTTING DOWN RIGHT NOW. Period. That this has happened is absolute proof that our leaders - on BOTH SIDES of the aisle - have failed horrifically to do anything that resembles leading.

      Now! Blame for this shutdown will fall on the Republican party BECAUSE Obama has a much easier PR game to play. On Obama's side, he was pushing for a clean bill that allowed the government to fulfill its fiscal obligations, suggesting that other budgetary concerns (the health care law, Keystone XL, etc...) should be handled SEPARATELY, and that negotiations over these specific bits of legislation should not be attached to a bill that is literally 100% vital to keep our government functioning.

      Obviously, the Republicans didn't want to give Obama that hand to play with. They would essentially be losing what little leverage they have in negotiating with a president that isn't worried about re-election.

      So! In the end, The Dems get to say "We made a clean bill that lets the government continue to function, but the Republicans have killed and polluted it with countless partisan policies that should not be attached to a bill that is literally required to run our government."

      And the Republican response? "We're willing to not sign that bill, and let the government shut down until the President gives us what we want."

      The Democrats aren't trying to amend, attach, or modify the clean bill. The Republicans are. That's why they will lose the PR campaign on this one.

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    • Of course they did GK. here's the logic of a Democrat: If they reject the House budgets and bills to curb spending, a situation is created where the government is forced to be funded by debt ceiling increases.

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