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  • hollycow384 hollycow384 Oct 15, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    TEA Party will force a default in Washington!!!!


    There whole plan comes the Heritage Foundation which is run by Jim Demint , his plan is to destroy OBAMA and force a Impeachment ,by forcing a default then the President OBAMA invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the Deficit so we can pay our Bills ,then the REPUBLICANS TEA PARTY will start a IMPEACHMENT preciding just like did by Bill Clinton and they lost. That is the Plan from Heritage Foundation ,Tea Party and REPUBLICAN Party and that can drop the Stock Market by 5000 points!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Free ice cream for all. That's my governing principal and anybody who promises it gets my vote.

    • Now the Republican couldn't stop OBAMA Care by shutting down the Government,now they want to kill OBAMA Care by spreading big lies on the Social Network Circuit, the more People find out the benefit of OBAMACARE then the REPUBLICANS are cooked Meat ,they will have no Chance anymore to win any Election for the next Years. I know how much better SOCIALlize HEALTCARE is in comparison ,to our SYSTEM where the Insurance Company's have all the POWER , with SOCIALIZE HEALTHCARE that POWER is taken away from them ,that is why the REPUBLICAN LOBBY for the INSURANCE Company's is fighting it tooth and Nail's. Like Speaker Boehner is lying through his teeth including the Majorty Weep.

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      • Why is YHOO helping there REPUBLICAN Propaganda Machine by letting Right Wing Organisations spreading lies on this WEBPAGE how bad OBAMACARE is, it going to help 40Million People who had never had HEALTH INSURANCE ,that by itself is a CRIME that a RICH COUNTRY like ours can't make sure that everybody has HEALTH INSURANCE and not be driven into a Bankruptcy, because one of the Family Members got sick like getting Cancer.

    • kidshelleen51 Oct 29, 2013 6:45 AM Flag

      So many lies, distortions and mistruths, you are a sound bite for the Democrats. Your terrible command of English shows also shows your lack of intelligence. You know nothing about the debt and how much Obama has added compared to 200 years of Dem and Repub presidents. I suggest you do a little research before you incorrectly spout off. As to impeaching Clinton, he is the only president besides Grant to ever be impeached, there never was an intention to oust him, just mark him, so that mission was accomplished. There is no reason to impeach Obama, his unaffordabe healthcare plan and all his lies will mark him in history as the worst president ever elected. 5 years of that idiot and there are no jobs. He can't even create a website, maybe if the no bid contract was given to somebody other than his wife's college buddy it might work. Jim Demint doesn't need to destroy Obama, that boob is doing it all by himself. Wake up, get your head out of your butt and gain some knowledge of the world rather that just spouting idiotic and foolish talking points.

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      • I have found out so many times in my life that Republican can't accept the truth ,because they been lied to by FOX NEWS so there mindset is made up by FOX NEWS and guys like Karl Rove,that is why why couldn't believe on Election Night that OBAMA had won the Election, because FOX NEWS was pounding it in there Heads that ROMNEY would win the ELECTION and so OBAMA won by a Land Slide and it is still hurting,and what happen to that chorus "We will stop OBAMACARE and now Millions of People will sign up and finally have Healthcare like People in other Industrial Nation it was truly a embarrassment we the biggest Industrial Nation without National Health insurance , just because one party wants the People in this great Nation to live like in the Dark Ages without Protection from Illness!!!!!

      • What is heartbreaking about the Iraq war is that Bush and Cheney said Sadamm got "nuclear bomb" instead he's got 1940's bombs. yeah baby! Bush lied to us big time, now EU doesn't trust us anymore when we want their support to bomb Syria yeah baby!

      • Hold your horses, it is George Bush is the biggest creator of Federal deficit in recent memory and in fact it is Obama is now cutting the deficit. Hey buddy, you remember those two Middle East war---Iraq and now Ahganistan---the funds used (trillions$$$) are all borrowed money meaning no corresponding revenue to support it baby. You got it!

      • All my Numbers are Facts you just don't hear them on FOX NEWS,I don't watch FOX NEWS ,that is why I get more reliable Facts. Why did the Democrats build a better Country by having a Social Security Safety Net for the Elderly and Medicare for People 65 and Older, them are all Programs with makes our Country better , for People who paid in for 40 Years have now a Benefit which last for the Rest of there Life, maybe in a few Years you are going depend on it. There lays the different s between Republicans and Democrats,the Democrats believe in the working Class and the Republicans do not ,they only believe in Millionars and Billionars.That is the main reason why Republicans fighting Obamacare so much ,if that Program is a success then them 40 Million People are going to Vote Democratic for the next 40Years ,just like they did from the 1950-1990,that is the Main Reason the Republicans shut down the Government!!!!!

    • I hope they do. I find the drama fascinating. You can't find entertainment like this on TV.

      Watching the barn burn.

    • Obama can stop spending. It is the most sensible way to avoid default. Another way is for him to accept some spending cuts, and delay Obama care. The whole thing is Obama's fault. Yet, the media pictured it as Tea party's fault. CNBC and all other major media showed Obama speeches over and over again. Whenever they show Republicans, they show only the pictures and no sound. No wonder the sheep blame it on the Republicans.

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      • where have ALL YOU REPUBLICANS BEEN? under a rock- in a cave? get facts so you could at least show some intelligence! remember- remember -remember or you don't want to because it makes you sound ridiculous! NUMEROUS times obama tried to compromise & came up with a deficit program that the crazy tea party & the crazy two other organizations in the rep. party refused to accept! the rest of the party refused since they were scared of these groups! other words- peeing in their pants! the dems & the rep ( around 2 1/2 yrs. ago) AGREED to appoint 3 tax experts from each party & after around 3 mos. they came up with a deficit reduction over 10 yrs to drop the deficit around 4 trillion & still keep the economy growing! THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TURNED IT DOWN ( CAN'T EVEN AGREE WITH THEIR OWN PEOPLE) BECAUSE IT TAXED the billionaires who even indicated they should be taxed higher! it's to bad voters let this party destroy themselves by ignoring what is really happening!

      • If OBAMA stops spending it would bring us to a depression,because we need more infrasture spending,the only place he should stop spending and bring the Troops home from Afganistan ,and stop wasteful projects in the Military. President Bush was spending Money like a drunken Sailor.
        That is the main reason we have such high deficit. You know that under Bush we started Medicare D and put the Bill on the Credit Card,he also refused to let the Government bargain with big Pharma for better pricing ,today the elderly paying under Medicare D a 4000% Mark Up on there Medication,a pill may cost 12.5 cent to produce and the elderly 5.00 Dollar for one Tablette. Now you can see how damage President Bush did to our Country.

      • The Republicans are such a bunch a liars starting with FOX NEWS and John BOEHNER they all lying through there teeth, I don't believe any thing them liars are saying!!!!!

      • OBAMA should never give in to any minority Party ,he won the Election in 2012,the Republicans were the sore loosers. Affordable Care Act is the best Thing ever happen for them 40 Million People without insurance. Who created the biggest deficit it was EX President Bush he added about 9 Trillion to our deficit by starting two unnessesary Wars , had a Financial Crises on his watch, gave two
        TAX Break so the Rich in the same Time we were fighting two Wars,that all added up to 9 Trillion otherwise our deficit would only be 7.7 Trillion. So why should OBAMA give in to REPUBLICANS which is a corrupt Party and extreme!!!!!!!

    • Are you one that thinks the US Constitution is EXTREME also? IF YOU'RE SO SURE...BUY A BUNCH OF DOW OR S$P PUTS... GOOD GRIEF...

      Sentiment: Buy

    • This group of Extremists does not care about what will happen to the US economy and all they care is to achieve their political goal that is to defund Affordable Health Care or Obamacare. Additionally, the domino effect of their action is the unknown risks of free world financial collapse. At the same time Mr. Boehner is also worried about getting fired as Speaker of the House by this extremist group of House of Representatives.

    • I like everybody who is against the Tea Party and against the REPUBLICAN PARTY, they don't know how to govern there own Party ,so is why they are not able to run the US GOVERMENT, just look at there Presidents they had ,they couldn't do nothing right ,they just got us into Wars ,we could never win!!!!!

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