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  • slothar13 slothar13 Feb 5, 2014 4:49 PM Flag

    What is socialism?

    I believe Owners of Basketball Football Baseball are the biggest Benefitiaries of Socialism they are exempt from paying Taxes so are the Players benefit there Salaries are a lot higher because the OWNERs doesn't have to pay TAXES and they being subsidized in directly when TAXPAYER is paying for building the Stadium's they play in. So also is the Farm bill they just Voted in Congress that is Socialism for the Farmers when the Oil Company's get Subsidies that is Socialism ,when a CEO gets a golden Parachute when he or She leaves a Company or gets away without paying the full amount of TAXES of 39.6% that is Socialism ,them are all bad Socialism but Food stamps and helping the poor and unemployed and get more Teachers with higher Pay and more Policemen or Police Lady's that is the good kind of Socialism because it puts money in Peoples pockets who need the help and will spend that money and create more JOBS and lowers unemployment, that is why there is good and bad Socialism if the Government helps a Billionair get richer that is bad socialism if the Government helps a poor Person that is GOOD socialism!!!!!!!!!

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